Collection: Live Plants - Freshly Arrived

Embark on a delightful journey with Seed2Plant as we introduce you to our "Live Plants - Freshly Arrived" collection, a sanctuary where new, vibrant, and hearty plants make their debut every week, especially for our cherished Indian plant enthusiasts!

🍃 A Palette of Lush, Fresh, and Exotic Plants 🍃

Our collection is a vibrant mosaic, offering:

  • Fruit Plants: Imagine plucking fresh fruits from your own garden!
  • Flowering Plants: Let the colors and fragrances mesmerize your senses.
  • Orchids: Add an exotic touch to your spaces.
  • Medicinal & Spice Plants: Aromatic, beneficial, and a joy to cultivate.
  • Indoor Plants: Breathe life into your indoor spaces with our lush greens. ...and so much more to explore and fall in love with!

🌼 New Green Friends, Every Week! 🌼

We understand the sheer joy of discovering new plants, and thus, we curate and introduce fresh, robust, and unique plants to this collection weekly. From common favorites to rare finds, our selection is designed to captivate your green heart and inspire your gardening adventures.

🛍️ Your Comfortable Shopping Experience 🛍️

Navigate through our user-friendly platform and enjoy detailed descriptions, clear images, and competitive pricing. Plus, with exciting discounts and free shipping on numerous plants, your green dreams are just a click away!

🌳 Sustainably Grown, Just for You 🌳

Committed to sustainability, we ensure that your plants are nurtured with utmost care and delivered to you in impeccable condition, ready to thrive under your care.

🚚 Delivering Greenery Across India 🚚

We take pride in delivering happiness and greenery to every corner of India, ensuring that your plants reach you safely and promptly.

🌺 Let’s Cultivate Joy & Greenery, Together! 🌺

Explore, choose, and bring home plants that resonate with you. Let’s sow seeds of joy, cultivate wellness, and watch as our spaces transform into lush, serene, and lively havens

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1117 products


1117 products