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“To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul” – Alfred Austin

Gardening is a soul soothing hobby that helps relieve stress miraculously. The pleasure of tending to the plants and witnessing them grow is one of the best feelings. Not only do we get to eat fresh homegrown food we also get to breathe pollution free fresh air circulated in our home by our lovely greens. 

Now, let us find the right essentials to make way for easy, efficient and sustainable terrace gardening with Seed2Plant HDPE VEGETABLE GROW BAGS. 

Let’s switch to the modern, eco friendly, robust alternative to the traditional plastic pots. 

What makes HDPE bags better than other plant containers? Here goes the reasons, 

  • Super Thick and Durable. 
  • Ergonomic, economical, easy to use. 
  • The larger circumference helps air circulation around roots. 
  • Easy to move across the garden area even with the potting mix and plant.
  • Adequate In-build drainage system.

The price of HDPE Vegetable grow bags start at Rs.62 and discounts available for pack of 3, 5, and 10. Grab yours now!

Happy Gardening!

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22 products


22 products