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Organic growth promoters are natural fertilizers used to increase the overall growth and yield of the plants improving root and stem health. 

Without changing any physiological process, the growth promoters can fasten the maturity of the plants in 100% natural means. Seed2Plant brings to you a wide range of organic, easy to use, non-polluting, renewable growth promoters that provides all vitamins, minerals and enzymes for the plant to grow healthier. The super plant foods improves micro and macro nutrient content in the soil while also promoting the secretion of plant growth hormones. In addition, it prevents pest attacks and fungal diseases. 

With the growth hormones produced in plenty your plant will grow, bud and flower easily and healthily. 

Along with the many benefits, Seed2Plant growth promoters increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, keeping them fresh longer. 

All our growth promoters are tried and tested for the best results. Stocking growth promoter is the highly efficient, cost effective way to improve yield and keep the pests away. 

Happy gardening!

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15 products