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Loving your garden? The happiest news for the plant parent is to witness their plants grow healthily. Having said that, it is time to expand your garden and grow more plants in compacted home spaces. How? With our premium rectangular grow bags. The rectangular grow bags come in the maximum size of 36x24x12 inches, sufficient to grow two large plants (flowering or vegetable plant) and one big fruit plant. 

With the rectangular circumference, the bag occupies less space while still providing enough room for the roots to breathe and flourish healthily. Are you considering buying our rectangular bags, hear out the benefits. 

  • The bags are recyclable and reusable. After a harvest, wash and fold the bag to store it easily until next use. 
  • The lightweight bags are UV treated to protect against harsh outdoor conditions. 
  • The bags are made with water permeable material that helps in moisture retention and provides proper drainage to the plants. 

To experience many more benefits of the rectangular grow bag, it’s time to get the bags in bulk and expand your beautiful garden! 

Bags are available in packs of 1, 4, 5 and 10. Pricing starts from Rs.96 and we offer up to 10% discount. 

We value quality over everything. Happy gardening!

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19 products


19 products