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It's Good and great

Value for money

The bag is big enough, looks good and the quality is very nice. Highly recommended

Dhalia Decorative Mix Seeds
Pritesh Tandel (Ahmedabad, IN)
High quality seeds


Dragon fruit success

I got this within a week. Kept the parcel under share indoors doors for 3 days. Then for another 3 days kept it in balcony with partial sunlight. After that kept in a pot under full sunlight, then after 10days I am seeing new stems growing.

Just one advice is to have patience. Extremely happy and I m looking to buy more plants as these guys look genuine to me.

Organic Green Capsicum Seeds - Open Pollinated
Alpesh Prajapati (Nadiād, IN)
Perfect seeds.

The seeds are perfectly pollinated and plant come up from the soil in few days.

Organic Lettuce Seeds - Open Pollinated
Adds in Taste and Colour.

Excellent Quality Seeds . Really Impressed.

Easy peezy

Easy to plant,
Instructions and plant are easy to manage,and handle

very nice

very nice product..i am happy

very nice

i am happy with purchase....seed2plant website is very good in India..their packing job is also very nice..i am satisfied

Square planter

Nice product

Good quality

My dormant lotus started blooming after adding bone meal

Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant
PRASENJIT Singh (Lucknow, IN)
Happy with the plant

Plant was nice but it could have been more better if plant would have more grown atleast more than one feet and more healthy. Now plant is doing nice.

Organic Sweet Corn Seeds - Open Pollinated
Praisid Siroraj (Thoothukudi, IN)
Best quality seeds

100% seeds germinated

Very healthy plant

I got meture and very healthy plant. I am very happy.

so good

i am very happy

Square Planter - Terracotta Colour
Devinder Khanna (Rishikesh, IN)
Excellent quality

The product is exactly as described & is of good quality. Worth the price.

delighted to receive a very healthy Plant

Got the product in two batches one batche had the seeds and other batch had the plant. I was really amazed to see the plant health. It did not look like it was delivered to me by courier.


Product is great, reviewing this after using 2 times this month..

Very good plant booster

Plants have started to show results. Specially lime plant has started to flower.

Yellow Rose Live Plant
Sreeranjini . (Bengaluru, IN)

Doing well

Good Quality Grow Bags

GSM 220 grow bags are impressive.Its also look beautiful in terrace and give aesthetic feelings to the home.

Good Quality Grow bags

The quality of grow bags are good and it gives a stupendous feeling of our terrace

Green Rose Flowering Grafted Live Plant
PRASENJIT Singh (Lucknow, IN)
Not very satisfied

Packaging was not good it got bit damaged at bottom at the roots but now it is doing well after following the instructions given by the nursery.