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When we take good care of the plants they in turn will take good care of us. 

Provide your plants the best care with Seed2Plant potting supplies. Plant them in the right environment, use the right potting mix, supply them the right nutrients, and add composts. 

Potting supplies are the foundation of planting. Despite being the foremost need for gardening they are mostly underrated. Like light and water, soil is the foundation of plant growth and as plant parents it is our responsibility to make the right potting mix. 

Gift your plants, Seed2Pland potting supplies in the right mix of cocopeat, compost, vermiculite, perlite and garden red soil. 

  • Garden red soil improves soil texture and helps retain water longer. 
  • Coco Peat ensure moisture and nutrient retention
  • Composts suppresses plant diseases, improves soil microbial activities, improves aeration and water retention.  
  • Perlite and vermiculite makes sure the potting soil is light and fluffy for better air circulation 

Our products are tried and tested in our gardens to ensure perfection. With Seed2Plant potting supplies, make sure that the plant receives the best care right from planting the seed.

Grow a healthy organic garden with us. Celebrate life and happy gardening!

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14 products