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Popeye was right about spinach! The dark green leafy edibles are the nutritious treat you need everyday. Did you know that 100 grams of spinach provides about 99 mg of calcium? I am awed by that fact! Are you? 

Let’s agree that spinach is one of the easiest and cheapest available vegetables. What are the growing conditions of those spinach? We never know. Do they have pesticides? We will never know. 

But what we know is that Spinach can be grown easily in the comfort of our garden in 100% organic way using the thick, durable Seed2Plant SPINACH GROW BAGS. 

Why choose the HDPE SPINACH GROW BAGS? Because HDPE bags are, 

  • Economical, sturdy and cost effective. 
  • Light-weight and are easy to move around the garden. 
  • UV treated to withstand extreme weather conditions. 
  • Made from water permeable materials to support plants at extreme conditions. 
  • Could retain moisture and help plants resist drought. 
  • Have circular circumference providing enough space for roots to breathe and grow healthily. 

What is better than eating home grown food?

Happy Gardening!

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7 products


7 products