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Pests! These tiny creatures are everywhere. We are all fed up with pest problems at home. Well! Want to know who suffers the most from pests? Plants. 

Once it starts raining or when the air shows the presence of moisture, pests start invading the garden to munch on leaves, vegetables and fruits. There are some beneficial insects like the bees that help in pollination. But, at the large, insects like dragonflies, mealy bugs, leaf miners, caterpillars etc., interrupt healthy growth of plants by damaging different plant parts. In addition, the presence of moisture also leads to fungal growths like black spots and powdery mildew (the white powdery substance that is often seen in flowering and vegetable plants). Here comes the use of “Biopesticides.”

Bio-pesticides are Eco-friendly pesticides made from naturally occurring substances or living organisms (plants, microbes). 

Seed2Plant brings to you a variety of Biopesticides (Biofungicide, Bioherbicide and Bioinsecticide) that prevent the growth of fungus and pests. Our pesticides are effective against all fungal diseases and pests. 

Choose from the variety of biopesticides to naturally eliminate the invading pests and fungal growth. Cheers to healthy gardening!

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9 products