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Water, sufficient sunlight, good soil and a comfortable pot makes the seeds feel like home. Yes! Once the seeds get comfortable in the newly found home, they flourish, flower and fruit. But this is not all the plant needs!

One of the important aspects of gardening is to frequently check for nutrient deficiencies in plants. As the soil ages, the nutrients deplete and thus requires a refill. Here comes the savior “The biofertilizers”. 

Biofertilizers are an environmentally friendly organic way to replenish the soil nutrients and improve soil fertility profile. 

We sell 7 different types of biofertilizers. We have products specific to certain nutrient deficiency like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and products that enhance the overall nutrient contents of the soil and increase soil fertility. Also do not forget to check out our fast release liquid fertilizers that work magic in a jiffy. 

Choose the fertilizer according to your needs. Enjoy organic farming with the best price. 
Happy gardening!
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20 products