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Nurturing the heart and soul of India's horticultural charm, our flower seeds collection has been curated with love and care. Each seed in this collection promises to fill Indian gardens with color, scent, and texture, ensuring an ever-changing display that aligns with the seasons.

Best Sellers to Enrich Every Season:

Our top-selling seeds, perfect for diverse seasons, include:

  • Dahlia: A winter beauty, Dahlia's intricate petals make them the crown jewels of any garden.

  • Zinnia Elegans Lilliput: Thriving in summer, their radiant blooms dance under the sun.

  • Sunflower: An emblem of the bright summer sky, they promise to make gardens shine.

  • Marigold Pusa Navrangi: Flourishing during the monsoons and winter, their vibrant petals hold both beauty and cultural resonance.

  • Gazania Sunshine: A sun-chaser, this summer bloom dazzles with its distinct patterns.

A Panorama of Petals for Every Season:

  • Welcome summer with a burst of colors from the Petunia Multiflora, Vinca Magic, and sun-loving Gazania Sunshine.
  • As the monsoon rains kiss the earth, let your garden sing with Pansy Bedding, Marigold Pusa Navrangi, and Portulacagrandiflora.
  • Winter's cool embrace brings out the best in flowers like Sweet William, Hellichrysum Spangle, and the ever-charming Daisy Carpet.

This expansive range ensures that every season in an Indian garden is a celebration. From traditional favorites to exotic blooms, we've got seeds to make every month special. Dive in, and let the seasons play out in your garden's tapestry.

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36 products


36 products