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Potting supply! As humans need a home to feel comfortable, take shelter, have food and grow, plants need potting supplies. 

Potting supplies include everything that is essential to make plants healthy and happy. It includes potting mix, garden soil, vermicomposts, manure and any plant foods that help in healthy plant growth. 

Potting supplies are the first gifts to your plants and it is important to buy the best organic supplies. Seed2plant bulk potting supplies provide potting mix, red soil, coco peat and vermicompost in bulk at highly discounted prices.

Benefits of buying supplies in bulk

  • Cheaper than buying small quantities. Budget friendly. 
  • Plant food is always in stock.
  • Excellent way to re add soil and compost to plants whenever required. 
  • Best option when starting a gardening journey. 
  • Best option to expand the garden and plant more plants in a go. 

The budget friendly potting supplies are organic superfoods that trigger faster plant growth and blooming while also boosting immunity. With the potting supplies under your disposal make the best potting mix that works for your plants. Here are a few tips:

The best potting mix for plants - 1 Part garden red soil + 1 Part compost/ vermicompost + One part cocopeat + A small quantity of perlite/ vermiculite + A small quantity of bone meal + A Balanced slow release organic fertilizer.

Seed2Plant premium quantity garden red soil, coco peat, composts and vermicompost are designed to ensure maximum root support, aeration, moisture retention and essential nutrient release. By getting supplied in bulk, the plant soil mix can be refurbished from time to time to ensure the soil is healthy, moist and loamy enough to support the growing plant. It is essential to add soil and other potting components once in a while to replace the lost topsoil which gets washed away due to watering or rain. 

Get everything you need to make your plant happy and healthy!

Happy gardening!

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