From the Founders

We spent a whopping Rs.150 for a 12x12 inch substandard grow bag that is just around 190 gsm.

This happened when we grew serious interest towards healthy eating and organic living, around an year ago (2019). We were ripped off right, left and center by cocopeat sellers, grow bag sellers, vermi compost manufactures, seed sellers and almost every one involved.

This would have been the end of the garden dream for most people, but not us.

After a few months of continuous research and losing a small fortune, we understood this.

95% of the local vendors know how your garden is close to your heart, know that this is their opportunity to earn some quick bucks and rip you off without any mercy.

Most of the quality products available online are over-priced.

And products that are cheaper are very substandard that they force you to bury your home garden dream alive.

If our story feels relatable to you, We have got some great news for you!

Over the course of time, we have been fortunate enough to get in touch with manufacturers, suppliers, and sellers who have genuine interest towards sustainable and organic living and provide only quality products at the best price possible.

Our dream garden came to life!

1 year later, Seed2Plant is born to ensure that none of you get ripped off with false promises and low quality products.

All products in this site are tried, tested and being used by us and hence you can buy with confidence.

Together, let's make sure that each garden dream comes to life and provide great yield.

Jeenfer Wilson and Hybis Jeenfer