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Seed2Plant offers a comprehensive range of high-quality drip irrigation products designed to provide an efficient and easy-to-assemble watering system for your garden. Our irrigation solutions enable you to create a customised system tailored to your garden's unique requirements, promoting healthy plant growth while conserving water.

Our Easy Assembly Drip Irrigation Kit is ISI Certified (For 10-100 Plants) and is a complete solution, perfect for gardens of various sizes. In addition to the kit, we offer individual components that can be purchased separately, allowing you to build or expand your irrigation system according to your specific needs. Our drip irrigation product collections are listed below:

  • The Drip Irrigation Feeder Line 6mm Pipe is available in 5-metre increments and customised lengths, connecting the main supply line to the individual plants, and delivering water directly to their roots.
  • Our 16mm Drip Pipe - Watering Main Supply Line comes in customizable lengths, serving as the backbone of your drip irrigation system, ensuring water is transported efficiently from the source to the feeder lines.
  • Straight Connector With Tap for 16mm Line allows you to join sections of the main supply line and control water flow with an integrated tap, providing flexibility and adaptability in your irrigation system.
  • Adjustable Drip Emitters offer precise control over water flow for each plant, ensuring optimal water delivery and promoting healthy growth.
  • The 6mm Pin Connector With Tap for Drip Kit enables you to attach feeder lines to the main supply line and control water flow to individual plants or sections of your garden.
  • Tee Connector for the 16mm supply line allows you to create multiple feeder line connections, which is ideal for complex or extensive garden layouts.
  • Our 16mm Elbow Connector For Drip Irrigation is designed to create 90-degree turns in the main supply line, making it easier to navigate corners and obstacles in your garden.
  • Drip Irrigation Dummy Stopper is perfect for sealing unwanted holes in the main supply line pipe, ensuring system efficiency and preventing water waste.
  • The End Cap For the 16mm Main Line Pipe helps to seal the ends of the mainline pipe, maintaining system pressure and preventing water leakage.

With Seed2Plant's drip irrigation products, you can save water and also get a flourishing garden at the same time. They are a customizable and easy-to-assemble watering system that promotes healthy plant growth. Whether you need a complete kit or individual components, our high-quality products are designed to meet your garden's unique requirements, making them an ideal investment for a thriving and sustainable garden.

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