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Plant Grow Bags

Creeper Grow Bags

Spinach Grow Bags

Ideal for flowering plants

and vegetables like

brinjal, tomato, radish,

etc. You can grow 2

plants in 15x15 and

15x12 grow bags.

Ideal for climbers and

creepers like snake gourd,

bitter gourds, cucumber,

beans varieties, etc.

You can grow 1 plant

in each bag.

Ideal for leafy vegetables

like green and red spinach,

palak spinach, mint leaves,

coriander leaves, etc. 

12x12 grow bags 12x15 grow bags 24x9 grow bags
9x9 grow bags 12x18 grow bags 24x6 grow bags
6x6 grow bags
18x9 grow bags
15x15 grow bags 18x6 grow bags
15x12 grow bags 24x12x9 grow bags

Big Grow Bags

Rectangular Grow Bags

Round big grow bags below are

ideal for big trees like banana,

papaya, lemon etc., The

rectangular grow bags are

ideal for planting 3 or more

vegetable or flowering

plants in each bag.

Ideal for narrow and compact spaces

in balconies, these grow bags can

be used to grow everything ranging

from flowers to vegetables and


18x18 grow bags 48x24x12 grow bags
24x24 grow bags 36x24x12 grow bags
12x24 24x24x12 grow bags
18x24 36x12x12 grow bags
48x24x12 grow bags 24x12x9 grow bags
36x24x12 grow bags 18x12x12 grow bags
24x24x12 grow bags 18x12x9 grow bags
36x12x12 grow bags 12x12x12 grow bags


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