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Germinated Well.

Looks Good.

Maha Vilvam/ Bilva (Aegle marmelos) Live Plant
Saumya Sunder (Bengaluru, IN)
Plant came in excellent form

I love the plant came in good packaging and it was live, I was also given instructions on how to manage it. Will definitely order in future!

Very healthy plant

I received Acai berry plant in good packaging, all leaves of the plant are green and looks healthy. After one week of planting it's growing well without any special fertilizing.

Good quality seeds

I got good quality seeds which germinated well

Maha vilvam

Got the plant delivered the very next day of shipping at doorstep. Plant was small approximately 1 feet tall with the grow bag. Observed the plant for two weeks slowly introducing to direct sunlight. Just planted it yesterday, will update later on growth. I was a bit disappointed on the size of the plant so four stars now. It is my first time purchasing plant online so satisfied with my experience.

Attractive garden pots.

Nice material ,nice colour very Good to use in home गार्डन.

Lantern Hibiscus Flowering Live Plant
Jayaprakash B (Hyderabad, IN)
Conditon of the plant

When the plant arrived i didnot like the plant . Once new leaves started coming i liked it thanks for teaching me how to take carw

nice packing, product is also good.

the packing of this live plant is very good.the plant is healthy and now the plants are getting leaves.i highly recommend seed2plant who wants to buy plant online.

Organic White Chilli Seeds - Open Pollinated
The Leafy Windows (Kolkata, IN)
Good quality seeds with good germination rate.

I ordered these White chilli seeds from Seed2Plant and planted them on 25.10.2023 using the wet paper towel method. They started germinating one by one around 04.11.2023. The image provided was clicked on 11.11.2023. Almost all the seeds were viable and I could transplant the seeds into the soil that hadn't grown cotyledons yet. I'm happy with the result and will be planting more directly in the soil next time since I am certain about the now that I am sure of the viability of the seeds. 🌱

12x12 Inches (1x1 Ft) - 220 GSM HDPE Round Grow Bag
sandeep Kumar sharma Sharma (Delhi, IN)
Great product

Very nice product

Beautiful Plant with great Foliage

The plant was received in great condition here at Ahmedabad, which can be confirmed from the picture, it is currently planted in small pot in indirect sunlight, during the time of writing this review it is around 13th day in the pot, and the growth rate of this climber is really amazing with new leaves appearing with overall increase in plant height. All in all great plant you can simply purchase this plant it is very adaptable plant for all weathers. Will certainly buy again from seed2plant.

Packging was very good

For the first time I bought avocado plant from seed 2plant. The packing was very good. Not a single leaf of the avocado plant was dry.

all seeds germinated

very good quality. All seeds germinated and all are healthy.

Very good germination seeds

Seeds are germinating very well and healthy .

High quality climber net

High quality climber net I give 5 ⭐

Good Germination Rate

Good quality seeds, almost 80% of which started germinating from the 3rd day. Make sure to use good quality soil with added vermicompost/manure/fertilizer. 5-6 hours of sunlight is a minimum requirement at sapling stage, which needs to be increased to 8-10 hours once it is transplanted to a bigger pot/grow bag/bed. Avoid over watering but make sure the soil is always damp to the touch. Make sure the seeds are spread out so that the transplantation goes smoothly once the saplings are 3-4 inches tall and have grown atleast 2-3 sets of true leaves.

Organic Sponge Gourd Seeds - Open Pollinated
Seeds germination

BECAUSE OF MY SATISFACTION IN GERMINATION ONLY - myself placed next order with in a period of two weeks . THANK YOU ' SEED2PLANT ' TEAM.

Good germination

Had fruits on the plants

Good germination

Seeds germinated and had beans too coming out

Lovely egg plant seeds.

Egg plant of this white colour fascinated me. I have no previous history of growing them in my terrace garden. Just found here and placed order. They sprouted well and growing up now.

Very good seeds

Got Good healthy plants, they already started setting fruits.

Excellent Products and more over all are organic

Excellent Products and more over all are organic

Jaboticaba Escarlate Live Plant
Vishwanath Vishwanath (Bengaluru, IN)
Greenish plant

I riceved green live plant . Thanks seed2plant

Fully satisfied

The seeds provide with the package is good and 100% germination rate....

Organic Tomato Seeds - Open Pollinated
Brig Prabir Goswami (Bhopal, IN)
Tomato seedlings

The only seeds that have sprouted. Looking forward to a decent crop of tomatoes.