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Beauveria Bassiana Bio Pesticide - 100% Organic

Beauveria Bassiana Bio Pesticide - 100% Organic

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Product Description

Beauveria Bassiana is a naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus that acts as a biopesticide for controlling various insect pests in your garden. This fungus infects insects like aphids, whiteflies, thrips, caterpillars, beetles, and more, by penetrating their exoskeleton and colonizing their body. Once inside, the fungus multiplies, ultimately causing the insect's death.


  1. Beauveria Bassiana is used to control caterpillars, grasshoppers, ant, beetles, thrips, aphids.
  2. Beauveria Bassiana is a natural and eco-friendly alternative to chemical insecticides
  3. Safe for beneficial insects and the environment
  4. Easy to store and apply.
  5. Improves crop yield and quality
  6. No residual toxic effects
  7. Reduces the need for chemical pesticides.

How to Use:

  1. Dilute 20 gms of Beauveria Bassiana with 5 gms of jaggery & 2 ltrs of water. Stir well to form milky white solution & use as a foliar spray.
  2. For soil application, mix 20 gms of Beauveria Bassiana with 1 kg of Organic Manure and hoe the soil and apply it to the roots. Water the plant thoroughly.

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