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Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden

For Proper Drainage and Leakage Prevention on Your Terrace

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Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden
Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden
Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden
Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden
Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden
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Product Description - Drain Cell Mat for Terrace Garden

  • Made of 100% recycled polypropylene, these drain mats can discharge water effectively and quickly thereby helping in quick evaporation.
  • Prevent water logging problems on the terrace. 
  • The 50x25x2 cm individual mats prevent the growth of moulds and fungus in the terrace floor, ensure proper drainage and prevent slippery floor problems. 
  • The structurally strong composition will hold pots of any mass.
  • The drain cells mats come with interlocking features, thus enabling garden expansion as per wish. 

Need for Drain Cell Mats

A terrace garden is a peaceful corner that we all need. It is the best way to stay connected with nature in congested urban living. Setting up a terrace garden is not a complex task. Of the many preliminary things to be considered while building a terrace garden, water damage is one of the important criteria to be checked. Since the garden is made on the top floor, proper drainage should be ensured to prevent water from seeping through the wall. The terrace should contain waterproofing solutions to prevent water seepage into the places below. In addition, an efficient terrace garden demands adequate drainage, rainwater management and irrigation. Waterproofing the terrace is an affirmative choice that may provide permanent solutions. Waterproofing of the space can be done by using concrete covering. But it is not an economical option affordable to beginner terrace gardeners. Also, waterproofing with concrete does not solve the stagnant water problem in terrace gardens. 

There are two problems with stagnant water. One is the increased risk of growing moulds and fungus. The second is that plants may absorb this water through the pots drainage holes, indirectly creating an overwatering scenario. Thus, it is wise to buy a drainage mat for your terrace/ balcony gardens. With the mats, the water can be easily removed from the garden floor, keeping the balance intact. 

Why use Drain Cell Mats?

  1. Keeping grow bags/pots directly on the terrace can cause waterlogging, which in turn seeps through the terrace and can cause structural weakness and leakage through your terrace.
  2. Keeping pots/grow bags for long will help in the growth of fungus and mould, which will make your terrace slippery and prone to damage as well.

Using a drain mat will fix both these important problems and hence it is a must-have if you're taking up gardening seriously.

How are Drain Cell Mats Made?

Made of 100% recycled polypropylene, these drain mats can discharge water effectively and quickly thereby helping in quick evaporation. These drain mats are structurally strong and have a compressive strength of 100 tonnes/metre2

These drain cells can be easily interlocked so that you can increase the area as needed. You can even cover your entire terrace if you're planning to grow plants all over your terrace.

Size: 50x25x2 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sowmiya Murali (Chennai, IN)
Drain cells and grow bag

I have frequently bought 30 drain cells and 10+ grow bags from Seed2Plant. Packing was very good and product quality is really good. Keep up the good work.

Chaman Lal Koul (Srinagar, IN)

Satisfied with the product. Superb

Debarpan Paul (Kolkata, IN)
Drain Cell Mat

Great product .Used it for a week now and the water flow is beautiful and it doesn't let the water get stagnant and damage the rooftop.

AMAR AGARWAL (Machhagan, IN)
Good Quality Drain Cell Mat

It is a Good Product .
Hassle Free, Container underneath water drains & makes Air Circulation .

Thyagarajan Ananthanarayanan (Chennai, IN)
Drain Cell Mat

Though, the size of the Drain Cell Mat is small, quality wise compromised & convinced.

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