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Organic Goat Dung Manure ½ KG

Nourish Your Garden Naturally with Organic Goat Manure

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Organic Goat Dung Manure ½ KG
Organic Goat Dung Manure ½ KG
Organic Goat Dung Manure ½ KG
Organic Goat Dung Manure ½ KG
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Product Description - Organic Goat Dung Manure ½ KG

Organic goat manure is a nutrient-rich, natural fertilizer produced by goats. It is a valuable organic resource for enhancing soil fertility and promoting plant growth.


  • Packed with essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (N-P-K), crucial for plant growth.
  • Enhances soil aeration, drainage, and water retention, benefiting plant roots.
  • Helps in binding soil particles together, thus minimising erosion.
  • Less pungent compared to other animal manures, making it easier and more pleasant to use.
  • Breaks down more rapidly than many other types of manure, making nutrients available to plants sooner.
  • Less likely to contain weed seeds compared to other manures like cow or horse manure.
  • Nutrient-rich manure can bolster plant resilience against common pests and diseases.
  • More affordable than chemical fertilisers while offering a broad spectrum of nutrients.
  • Increases the microbial life in the soil, which further helps in nutrient breakdown and availability to plants.
  • Safe to use on all types of plants including vegetables, flowers, and shrub


  • Use 1/2 cup (20-30 grams) for a 12" Dia pot plant. 
  • Dig a 2-3 inch trench around the plant, leaving a 3-inch gap from the trunk.
  • Spread the fertiliser in the trench, cover with soil, and water the plant.

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