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Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant

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Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant
Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant
Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant
Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant
Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant
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Product Description - Japanese Miyazaki Mango Grafted Live Plant

Plant Type Grafted Plant
Common Name Egg of the Sun
Botanical Name Mangifera indica 
Bloom Time/Fruiting 3-5 Years
Maintenance Required Easy

Invite an exotic superstar to your garden, the Japanese Miyazaki Mango, with our specially grafted live plant. The Miyazaki Mango, named after the Japanese city famed for their cultivation, offers more than just a fruit, it's an experience.

Taste and Nutrition:

Each Miyazaki mango, weighing around 350 grams, bursts with an unrivalled sweet and aromatic flavour. But its charm isn't limited to the taste buds alone. Packed with antioxidants, beta-carotene, and folic acid, these mangoes offer excellent health benefits alongside their delightful taste.

Harvesting Season:

Miyazaki Mangoes have a peak harvesting season from April to August. The fruits ripen to their sweetest and most nutritious in these months, ensuring each bite is a heavenly blend of health and taste.

Plant Care:

Light Requirement:

Mango trees, including the Miyazaki variety, love sunshine. They require full sun exposure to photosynthesize efficiently, essential for their growth and fruitful yields.


Watering should be deep and regular, promoting a strong root system crucial for the tree's health. However, make sure the soil has dried out between waterings to prevent the roots from rotting.


Fertilisation is vital for the Miyazaki Mango tree's productive and healthy growth. We recommend organic fertilizers like Panchagavya, Fish Amino Acid, or decomposed cow dung for their rich nutrient content. A regular feed every two months during the growing season will support the tree's lush growth and abundant fruiting.

Let your garden bear the crown of the Japanese Miyazaki Mango tree and reap the rewards of its delightful taste and nutritional wealth. It's more than just a plant; it's an investment in a healthier, tastier future!

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Customer Reviews

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Gowrisankar Namasivayam

Great packaging. The plant was afresh in spite of 3 days transit time.

Srinivasa Raju Samanthapudi (Hyderabad, IN)

I am not sure about the plant survival. We will report after few months of it’s survival

Samsuddin Laskar (Ashburn, US)


Abhijith P V (Ashburn, US)
Tasty Mangooo

very Delicious awesome sapling

Mamidi Thirupathaiah (Hyderabad, IN)

Now good position

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