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Panchagavya: A2 Desi Cow - Direct from Farm पंचगव्य

Observe Excellent Growth in Just 3 Days!

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Panchagavya: A2 Desi Cow - Direct from Farm पंचगव्य
Panchagavya: A2 Desi Cow - Direct from Farm पंचगव्य
Panchagavya: A2 Desi Cow - Direct from Farm पंचगव्य
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Product Description - Panchagavya: A2 Desi Cow - Direct from Farm पंचगव्य

  • A2 Desi Cow liquid fertilizer to strengthen roots, stem and leaves.
  • Promotes faster plant growth – visible results in just 3 days.
  • Comes in a 1 litre can – mixing 10ml in 1 litre water is sufficient to spray the entire balcony/ terrace garden.
  • A cost-effective natural solution to stimulate faster plant growth and boost overall plant immunity.
  • Effective to prevent leaf and stem drying and wilting throughout the year. 

What is Panchagavya?

Panchagavya as liquid organic manure is a highly effective replacement for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Standing as one of the best traditional methods of agriculture, the liquid Panchagavya when applied to small-mid scale gardens will effectively promote the growth of soil microorganisms that boosts plant growth. Coming at a lesser cost than the chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Panchaggaya extracted from A2 desi cow ghee/ curd is efficient for stimulating early flowering and fruiting.

Panch(five)gayya(cow) is extracted from pure desi cow ghee and is amalgamated with tender coconut water, ripened banana and sugarcane juice to increase the nutrient content and reduce the odour in the liquid fertilizer. Tender coconut water and ripened bananas possess natural growth hormones.

The composition improves the overall garden yield by providing strength to roots. As the nutrients move from roots to stem, it will stimulate branching and production of new leaves and flowers. Stimulating roots to grow deeper and denser will improve penetration, increasing the nutrient absorption from the soil.

How to use

Can be used as foliar spray – Mix 200ml of Panchagavya and 10 litres of water and spray it on the leaves. The liquid fertilizer creates a thin oil layer over the leaves and stem preventing the faster evaporation of water. Reducing the water loss will help in plant growth and prevent drying and wilting of leaves. With Panchagavya liquid spray, leaves can tolerate dry periods longer allowing leaves to grow bigger.

Soaking the seed into the liquid fertilizer will stimulate the growth of the roots. Offshoots growth will be increased.

Panchagavya is also effective as a pest repellent. The natural composition of Panchagavya makes it effective in controlling plant pests and fungus.

For best results apply regularly - once every 14 days. 

Most suitable for small-mid scale gardens with small plants to trees. Spraying the solution on the leaves and stems of balcony/ terrace garden plants will improve growth and prevent pest intrusion.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Gautham Shenoy (Bengaluru, IN)

    Product is great, reviewing this after using 2 times this month..

    Arjun Sarma (Guwahati, IN)
    Nice product, 👍 seed2plant

    Got the Panchagavya ,A2 Desi cow - bottle. Packed nicely and delivered in time. Surely it will save my plants. All other seeds also very nice, healthy,a few already germinated. Thanks seed2plant.

    Priya Shanmugavel (Bengaluru, IN)
    Seed2plant panjajavya

    Purchased panjakavya, vermicompose, and potting mix from seed2plant. The results are marvelous. Especially panjakavya gives great result. My plants started flowering. New shoots came. Highly recommended products. Next time I will buy jeevamrutham and fish amino oil and I will review those.

    Abhijit Lal (Kolkata, IN)
    Panchgavya is a Amazing product for garden plants

    Has helped to provide nutrition to all my plants and is visible within a week. Really very nice product by seed2plant.

    Ajay Raizada (Noida, IN)

    It is Excellent product! It is showing growth in some of the plants within 7-10 days of use!

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