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Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms

Sterile inorganic medium to improve moisture retention and aeration

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Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms
Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms
Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms
Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms
Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms
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Product Description - Perlite for Soil/ Soilless Medium 500 gms

  • Perlite can be used with soil/ soilless potting mixes. It can also be used as a stand-alone medium. 
  • Perlite improves aeration by keeping the medium loose. 
  • It perfects the right amount of moisture to help plants thrive in adverse conditions. 
  • Perlite acts as a natural filtration system. Perlite facilitates the filtration easily by loosening the soil composition and facilitates allowing excess water to easily drain away, improving drainage. 
  • It is extremely lightweight and is the most suitable amendment medium for improving soil functioning. 

What is Perlite?

Perlite is a naturally occurring material. It is an amorphous volcanic glass that has a high water retention capability. Perlite is used in the soilless medium for its capacity to retain moisture for a long time. The medium modifies the soil structure and properties, losing it, breaking complex structures and improving aeration. Aeration is essential for the roots to breathe and moisture retention will help the plants remain healthy under dry conditions. Perlite also facilitates root cuttings and helps the growth of stronger, denser roots. 

Extremely Light Inorganic Medium

Perlite is not a source of nutrition. Perlite is an inorganic medium that improves the water retention and aeration capabilities of potting mediums. Being extremely light and porous, this inorganic medium stops the potting mix from tightening around the roots, choking them. As we water the plants over and over again, the soil tends to tighten, a property that will negatively affect the root health. Tightening soil around the roots will restrict the growth and prevent deeper healthy root development. The tiny cavities on an inorganic medium like Perlite help in the retention of the right amount of water for healthy root growth. Perlite is sterile and pH neutral leading to better long-term plant health. It is also reusable and cost-effective.

Efficient for Hydroponics

Perlite is an excellent primary medium of growth for hydroponics. Growing hydroponics roots in layers of perlite and supplementing with additional fertilizers and nutrients will lead to excellent root development. Perlite will allow the right amount of water and oxygen to get to the roots showing a better quality of growth. 

How to use Perlite

  1. Mix perlite with Vermicompost, garden soil and coco peat at a ratio of 1:4:4:4
  2. For soilless hydroponic medium use perlite, exfoliated vermiculite and coco peat in a 1:1:3 ratio.
  3. For smaller seeds, finer grades of perlite will provide an excellent medium. 
  4. Light-weight and easy to blend into cocopeat and vermicompost.

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