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Bone Meal - Steamed, Sterilized and Organic - Excellent for Flowering - 1KG

Bone Meal - Steamed, Sterilized and Organic - Excellent for Flowering - 1KG

Natural source of phosphorus to promote root development and flowering

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Product Description

  • Seed2Plant bone meal is a 100% organic source of phosphorus.
  • An excellent replacement to chemical fertilizer that can release phosphorus and calcium to soil over long periods.
  • Encourages early root development, increases stalk and stem strength and boosts flowering in all types of plants.
  • Efficient in flowering plants, boosting the formation of larger blooms and bulbs.
  • Bone meal has nitrogen-phosphorus in the ratio 3:15 along with other micronutrients like zinc, calcium and magnesium, helping the formation of stronger plant cells.

What is a bone meal?

A bone meal is a finely grounded powder of fish bones, produced in a 100% natural process. Seed2Plant bone meat contains powdered animal remains and bones obtained from slaughterhouses. The meal is steamed to eliminate the presence of microorganisms. Unlike chemical fertilizers, bone meals can render benefits for prolonged periods. Since powdered bone takes time to break down in the soil, it will slowly release essential nutrients like Phosphorus and calcium into the soil, thus benefiting longer-term nutrient supplementation. The meal also contains smaller amounts of nitrogen, potassium, zinc and magnesium.

Why choose Seed2Plant bone meal?

It is the efficient organic way to feed the garden soil with phosphorus, a component essential to promote plant growth. As an excellent protein source, the meal is non-toxic to use in a home environment.

On mixing with the soil, the fertilizer promotes root development and improves the strength, flowering and fruiting in plants. Bone meal works efficiently for the faster development of roots in crops like carrot, turnips, potatoes and onions.

The calcium released from the meal aids in the development of stronger plant cells, strengthening the new offshoots and stem. It boosts offshoot growth in perennial crops and helps prevent common plant problems like the blossom-end rot in the tomato plant.

Bone meal is an essential ingredient in floriculture, horticulture, nursery stocks, vegetable gardens and interior plant spaces. As a balanced fertilizer that periodically releases nutrients with decomposition, the meal is the best protein source to multiply the flowering of roses, bulbs and other flowering plants. 

How to use

  • Apply the meal during initial spring soil preparation or during ploughing for planting seeds. Application at the early stage before germination will encourage the growth of new roots.  
  • In the case of potted plants, mix 25 grams of the meal with soil every two weeks.
  • Do not apply the bone meal directly to the top layer of the soil. Mix the meal with soil and apply it over the potted plants on the terrace/ balcony or to the top-dressing soil in landscape gardens.
  • For a small plant up to 1-2 feet high one spoon of the meal is sufficient. Can also be applied by mixing with water and sprinkling it on the soil.
  • For a small-mid scale terrace/ balcony garden, one packet can last for 3-4 months
  • Once applied, the meal can feed the plant for up to four months.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Arup Kumar Chakravarty (Kolkata, IN)
    Awesome product

    I have purchased fertilizer mix for vegetables and fruits which is 100% organic, is an awesome product of Seed2plant. Really it works for a healthy plant growth.

    Sheila Sekhar

    Good quality products

    Sheila Sekhar

    Good quality products

    Mkm Saini (Jaipur, IN)
    yes i have used 1 kg and found 100% pure neem cake

    yes i have used 1 kg and found 100% pure neem cake for plant overall health

    mohammad fazal (Patna, IN)

    Good quality and excellent results

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