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Tillandsia Ionantha Red Blooming Size (Air Plant)

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Tillandsia Ionantha Red Blooming Size (Air Plant)
Tillandsia Ionantha Red Blooming Size (Air Plant)
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Product Description - Tillandsia Ionantha Red Blooming Size (Air Plant)

Common Name Sky Plant or Air Plant
Light Requirement Requires indirect sunlight, keep near a window
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Natural Humidifier

Tillandsia ionantha is a low-maintenance plant that is perfect for beginners. With little care and attention, it can grow into a beautiful addition to your indoor garden.

How to Grow Tillandsia Ionantha

Tillandsia Ionantha is an air plant, it does not require soil to grow. You can display this air plant in multiple ways, including mounting it on wooden panels, suspending it with decorative wires, or arranging it in a beautiful glass terrarium. Tillansia Ionantha needs bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will scorch the leaves


Remember that after watering your Tillandsia Ionantha it's crucial to turn the plant upside down and gently shake it to remove any excess water. This prevents standing water from accumulating at the base of the leaves, which could cause rot. Ensure that the plant is placed in a well-ventilated area to facilitate quick drying and promote healthy growth.Shake off any excess water to prevent rot.


Mist the plant with diluted seaweed extract, fish emulsion, or compost tea once a month during the growing season.

Benefits of Tillandsia Ionantha 

  • Easy to care for: Tillandsia Ionantha Red requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for those new to plant care or with busy schedules. It doesn't need soil and only requires occasional misting or soaking for hydration.

  • Air purification: Like other air plants, Tillandsia Ionantha Red helps purify the air by removing pollutants and improving air quality in the surrounding environment.

  • Aesthetic appeal: The vibrant red color of the plant, especially when it's in bloom, adds a pop of color to any space. The plant also develops a silvery-green base that contrasts beautifully with the red leaves.

  • Versatile display options: Tillandsia Ionantha Red can be displayed in various ways, including mounted on driftwood, placed in a terrarium, or suspended using wire or fishing line. This versatility allows you to get creative with your plant displays.

  • Stress relief: Caring for and observing the growth of Tillandsia Ionantha Red can be a therapeutic and relaxing activity that helps reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Non-toxic: Tillandsia Ionantha Red is a pet-friendly plant, making it safe to have around pets without the risk of toxicity.


Note: The plants may or may not contain flowers or buds. There are chances that the buds/flowers could dry up due to transit stress even though we pack them with extreme care. The local climatic conditions and fertilization habits can affect the brightness & colour intensity of flowers. While we make every effort to match the actual colours of the flowers, the photographs may not be the exact representation, due to different monitor settings.

Shipping: This air plant ships for FREE. Please note that we might need up to 2-3 business days to properly dry and pack the plant and ship them.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Amit (Pune, IN)
Good healthy plant

Plant was packed very well and arrived on time.

Darsshan Udani (Mumbai, IN)
Tillandsia Lonantha

I was delighted to receive my first air plant - Tillandsia, which as packed nicely for transit, as I was in Mumbai. The Seed2Plant took good care in packing the plant, as it was received in a fresh condition. The team is also quick to rely on queries. Delighted to have bought my first air plants from Seed2Plant.


It's received as expected.

Arvind M

The Packaging was good, was a pleasant experience.. only thing I could be improved is probably.. able to track the status of the courier on app

Kaizer Roka

Will let you know when I see the bloom.looks healthy enough.
Wish they were bigger.

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