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Watering Can + Sprayer - 2 in 1 Application - 1.2L

Comfortable, efficient way to water plants and seedlings

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Watering Can + Sprayer - 2 in 1 Application - 1.2L
Watering Can + Sprayer - 2 in 1 Application - 1.2L
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Product Description - Watering Can + Sprayer - 2 in 1 Application - 1.2L

  • 1.5L Watering can + sprayer combination is a multipurpose tool to spray water to subtle plants, seeds, saplings and foliage.
  • Includes a watering can outlet to drizzle water over plants and a sprayer to sprout water over foliages and soil.
  • Sturdy plastic body, user-friendly design  and a comfortable big handle for providing better grip.
  • The multi purpose product is lightweight, durable and is easy to clean.
  • ISO certified product that is Made in India. It is suitable for small-mid sized gardens, terrace gardens and balcony gardens. 

Why Seed2Plant 2 in 1 Watering Can + sprayer?

One of the important steps in growing a healthy plant is to water it appropriately. As far as plants are considered, over caring is as harmful as under caring. Too much of any basic necessities will hinder the plants growth. In that regard, watering a plant is a tricky affair as most gardeners tend to overwater the plant leading to rotting roots, yellowing leaves and stunted growths. Depending on the outdoor conditions, the plant watering needs vary. Some plants, despite their size, require less water than the others in all conditions. Thus it is important to water according to need. 

The 1 inch rule

The best way to water is to measure the dryness of the topsoil. If the top soil is dry upto 1 inch, then it's time to water the plants. While watering ensure that you water only upto 2 inches without disturbing the stem. Here comes the need for watering cans and sprayers. 

Subtle Watering without Disturbing the Plant’s Integrity

As much as overwatering, pouring water over the plants (especially young plants) will aslo suffocate them leading to breakage of the stem, limiting oxygen supply to the roots and drowning plants. Especially in young seedlings the stem is very weak and water has to be supplied at a specific force to prevent wilting. In addition to watering the soil, it is important to spray the foliage to keep it fresh. Misting is the best way to improve humidity, stimulating healthier foliage. Thus, Seed2Plant brings a comfortable, easy to handle water sprinkler and watering can that could target sufficient water with lesser force to the saplings and foliage

Durable and User-friendly 

Manufactured from high-quality durable plastic, this watering can + sprayer can be used for years without decrease in quality. The nozzle comes with a small opening to drizzle sufficient water to the roots and mist foliage. The lightweight tool is durable and can last for more than 5 years providing minimum water wastage and helping overcome overwatering plant problems. 

Reduce Water Spillage and Fear of Overwatering

Efficient for home, ground and terrace garden especially to water herbs, tiny greens and vegetable seedlings. The thin watering sprout keeps the balance intact reducing water spillage. The large handle provides a comfortable grip and helps to reach plants at a distance. Leak Proof cover, facilitated to fit correctly into the can to avoid any spillage, saving water. The 2 in 1 watering can and sprinkler is sufficient to maintain a full balcony garden. The water showers more when the can is tilted more making it ideal for clustered terrace gardens. 

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Chennai, IN)

Watering Can + Sprayer - 2 in 1 Application - 1.2L

Kanchan Deshmukh


Rupali Joshi

Quick service and good quality of product

Supratik Basu


Kajal (Patna, IN)
Loved the watering can

It's awesome, quality is superb as expected. Loved the functionality of it. Delivery was smooth and at time. Thankyou so much.

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