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White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant

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White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant
White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant
White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant
White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant
White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant
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Product Description - White Creeper/ Climbing Rose Live Plant

Plant Type Well Rooted Plant
Plant Size  Matured Plant with Flower
Flowering Frequency Throughout The Year
Maintenance Required Moderate


Discover the Everlasting Elegance of the White Creeper Rose: A Jewel in Your Garden

Unveil the Splendour of Asia with Our White Climbing Rose

Step into a realm of elegance with our White Creeper/Climbing Rose, a floribunda variety that brings the essence of Asia's rich flora right to your garden. Known among enthusiasts as the 'Rosa Climbing Iceberg', this plant isn't just a rose; it's a piece of living heritage from the lush landscapes of Asia.

A Floral Cascade of Breathtaking Beauty

Our White Climbing Rose is renowned for its abundant blooming, making it more than just a rose. Envision your garden spaces transformed with a continuous display of tender, full-bloom white roses, each blossom around 2 inches in size. As one of the best white climbing rose varieties, it promises to drape your fences, trellises, and walls in a spectacular floral cascade, ensuring that your garden is a year-round celebration of nature's relentless beauty.

A Spectrum of Colours with Our Special Combo

For those who love a burst of colour, our "Red, White & Pink Creeper/Climbing Rose Combo Live Plant" is a perfect choice. This combo allows you to create a vibrant display, with each colour adding its unique charm.

Two Variants for Every Gardener's Delight

Compact Plant:

Ideal for those who revel in the journey of nurturing a plant, this 3-month-old variant is perfect for witnessing the growth of your white rose creeper.

Ready-to-Bloom Plant:

For an immediate floral showcase, our 5-8 months old, bushier variant comes with flower buds, ready to enliven your garden with vibrant blooms.

Optimal Conditions for a Flourishing White Climbing Rose

  • Temperature: Thrives in 15°C to 30°C.
  • Sunlight: Requires 6-8 hours of direct sunlight for optimal growth and blooming.

Customised Shade Solutions for Your White Climbing Rose Plant

  • 35% Shade Net: Ideal for moderate sunlight areas.
  • 50% Shade Net: Perfect for high sunlight regions, protecting delicate roses like ours.

Nourish and Flourish


Prefers well-drained, fertile soil with a slightly acidic to neutral pH.


Regular watering is crucial; water when the top inch of soil is dry.


Utilise our organic bone meal, seaweed extract, and cow dung manure for a lush, vibrant white creeper rose.

Pruning for Perfection

Prune your white climber rose to manage its size and enhance health, ensuring a maximum height of 10-12 feet.

The Ideal Planter for Your Climbing Rose

  • Starting Off: A 12x12 inch pot or grow bag.

  • Upgrading: Move to a larger pot as it grows, eventually needing an 18x18 inch or 24x24 inch container.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Choose our range of bio-pest control solutions, including Neem Oil and Beauveria Bassiana, for healthy, thriving roses.

Transform Your Garden Today

Purchase your white creeper rose plant and indulge in the fragrant, ever-blooming charm of our climbing roses, and turn your garden into a paradise of tranquillity and colour.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Meenu Gupta (Lucknow, IN)
Very nice flowers

Rose beutiful flowers plants

Madhavi Rallabandi

Plant which was delivered was fresh..and I see new leaves coming

Sieno Sunep

This is wrong product i received today.


This is the free gift. Live plant is delivered to you in a separate shipment.

Team Seed2Plant

Abhinav Trivedi (Lucknow, IN)
Best website to buy plants online

I ordered 10 plants and all were in healthy conditions, and packaging was superb.

A.B. (Ashburn, US)
Red Climber Rose plant

Plant provide to us are heaving good health

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