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Cattleya orchids are often referred to as the "queen of the orchids" due to their large, showy blooms. They are commonly grown as houseplants and come in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Cattleyas are epiphytic orchids and they need a well-draining, porous growing medium that is similar to their natural habitat. Cattleya orchids can also be grown in hanging baskets or mounted on a piece of wood or cork bark, along with charcoal, sphagnum moss and coconut husk. 

Cattleya orchids require high humidity levels. But during the winter season, it’s advisable to reduce watering to encourage blooming.

Cattleya orchids require bright and filtered sunlight to thrive, but never expose them to direct sunlight especially during the afternoon. Cattleya orchids need 4-6 hours of indirect sunlight. Shaded spots and outdoors can do wonders. Healthy blooming Cattleya orchids have yellowish-green leaves.

A little too much sunlight may show spots or reddish-purple blotches on the foliage. Next, the leaf tips will turn dry and brown. And if the overexposure goes on, the leaves will start to turn yellow as the chlorophyll degenerates. On the other hand, too little light causes problems with blooming and the leaves turn dark green. If your plant isn’t blooming, try exposing Cattleya orchids in filtered sunlight.

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