Flowering Plants Procedure



Please follow the steps once you receive the flowering plants

1. Carefully remove the outer packaging from the shipped plant without disturbing the nursery pot or grow bag.

2. Fill a grow bag or pot with potting soil for the plant.

3. Gently place the plant, still in its nursery pot or grow bag, into the prepared container with potting soil and water it.

4. Place the container in a shaded area for 2 weeks to help the plant acclimate to its new environment. Full sunlight at this stage will kill the plant.

5. During the acclimation period, ensure the plant receives adequate water, but avoid overwatering.

6. After the 2-week acclimation period, carefully remove the plant from its nursery pot or grow bag and re-pot it into a larger container or transplant it into the ground.

7. Gradually introduce the plant to increased sunlight, monitoring its health and adjusting as necessary.