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Essential Vegetable Terrace Garden Kit

Essential Kit to Beautify Your Flower Garden

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Essential Vegetable Terrace Garden Kit
Essential Vegetable Terrace Garden Kit
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Product Description - Essential Vegetable Terrace Garden Kit

Vegetable terrace garden kit with 16 grow bags, 100kg potting soil mix, cocopeat, 16 types of vegitable seeds, seedling trays with essential fertilizers and tools.

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Ideal Grow Bags

Grow Bags 12x12 Grow Bag 5
15x12 Grow Bag 3
12x18 Grow Bag 4
15x15 Grow Bag 2
18x6 Grow bag 2
Potting Supplies Potting Soil Mix - 50KG 2
Cocopeat Bulk Pack of 5 1
Seeds Brinjal Seeds
1 Pkt 12x12
Tomato Seeds
1 Pkt 12x12
Ladies Finger Local
1 Pkt 15x12
Green Chilli Seeds 1 Pkt 12x12
Red Okra Seeds 1 Pkt 15x12
Red Amaranthus Seeds 1 Pkt 18x6
Bush Beans Seeds 1 Pkt 12x12
Purple Long Brinjal Seeds 1 Pkt 15x12
Bird's Eye Chilli Seeds 1 Pkt 12x12
Long Green Brinjal Seeds 1 Pkt 15x15
Clove Beans Seeds 1 Pkt 12x18
Red Long Beans Seeds 1 Pkt 12x18
Yard Long Beans Seeds 1 Pkt 12x18
Winged Beans Seeds 1 Pkt 12x18
Palak Spinach Seeds 1 Pkt 18x6
White Radish Seeds 1 Pkt 15x12
Fertlizers Bone Meal - 1KG 2
Vermicompost - 1KG 5
Cow Dung Manure - 1KG 5
Essential Bio Fertilizer Bundle - 0.5KG 1
Accessories Seedling Tray - 12 Cavities 4
Gardening Tools Set
Drain Cell Mat 20
Khurpi 2" 1
Plant Tag 20
0.75L Sprayer 1
Pest Control Neem Oil - 500ML 1
Bio Pest Control 1
Biting Pest Control 1
Growth Promoters Panchagavya - 1L 1
Jeevemrutham - 1L 1
Fish Amino Acid - 500ML 1
Seaweed Extract Granules - 1KG 1
Humic Acid - 250ML 1

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