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Fish Amino Acid Concentrate Naturally Processed NPK Fertiliser – Growth Promoter

100% organic solution to fasten root development, flowering and fruiti

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Fish Amino Acid Concentrate Naturally Processed NPK Fertiliser – Growth Promoter
Fish Amino Acid Concentrate Naturally Processed NPK Fertiliser – Growth Promoter
Fish Amino Acid Concentrate Naturally Processed NPK Fertiliser – Growth Promoter
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Product Description - Fish Amino Acid Concentrate Naturally Processed NPK Fertiliser – Growth Promoter

Fish emulsion is a liquid fertilizer made from fish waste. It is a good source of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as trace minerals.

Nutrients   Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Pottasium
Usage  2ml - 5 ml/1 Litre of water
  • Fish amino acid is an efficient organic concentrator to promote plant growth and instil early blooming.
  • Applying fish amino acid to soil acts as an effective fertilizer improving the ability to absorb nutrients from the soil.
  • Spraying the liquid to the leaves will prevent the occurrence of bacterial, viral diseases while fighting pest’s attacks.
  • Food amino acids improve the growth of essential nutrients in the soil like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK).
  • Being rich in nitrogen, fish protein enhances the yield of the plants in vegetative periods.

How is it prepared?

Fish amino acid is a NPK-rich liquid concentrator retrieved from whole fish naturally. The fish liquid is derived by collecting the fish waste and mixing it with papaya liquid (papaya latex obtained from mature papaya fruit) and jaggery. The papaya juice fastens the conversion of fish protein into essential amino acids and the Jaggery aids in removing the sulphur bacteria and converting the bone and carbohydrates into essential phosphate and calcium. Thus the fish amino acid is rich in essential micronutrients like phosphorus that promotes the growth and development of the plants. NPK (Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) are much-needed for plant growth and fish protein can render it from the seedling stage. The micronutrients release slowly to the plant, providing a healthy ambience for the seed to grow.

Why choose Seed2Plant Fish amino acid?

The liquid fertilizer is effective in promoting plant growth and blooming. The pure natural fertilizer liquid is rich in organic matter like peptides and biological essentials like polysaccharides making it an effective replacement for chemical fertilizers. 

The liquid can be applied as base fertilizer or can be applied in the top layer or sprayed on the leaves. Applying fish amino acid after ploughing the soil for planting seeds will increase the organic content of the soil, augment soil fertility, water retention capacity of the soil and eliminate soil hardening problems, thus promoting root development. 

Spraying the fish liquid over the leaves will promote photosynthesis, enabling early maturing and flower bud differentiation. The nitrogen-rich fish protein will also prevent the occurrence of plant diseases and attacks from insects and pests increasing the fruit, flower and vegetable quality in a home garden. 

How to use:

  • Use 1 litre Fish Amino Acid in 500 Litres of Water (2-5ml per litre). For drip irrigation farming, apply 1 litre of fish amino acid in 1000 litres of water. 
  • The fish amino acid can be applied at the level of 2ml once a week to herbs, shrubs, vegetables, lawn grass, nuts, coconut trees, vines, fruit trees and field crops. 
  • Spray the plants from top to bottom. Effective for foliar and soil application.  
  • For best results use during sunset.
  • Spray fish protein on seedlings to improve root development, promote leaf growth, develop stronger stems and reduce the occurrence of plant diseases. 
  • Spray the fish amino acid before germination for better results. 

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    My Seed2Plant Terrace Garden, in Kharagpur city, WB, HINDUsthaanam.

    A quite Satisfactory Product.

    VARUN MITTAL (Bathinda, IN)
    Excellent Product

    Plant Growth Liquid is excellent

    Asadullah Khan

    Good 👍

    Lakshmi J

    The product is good as my responded with good growth.

    Sudhakar M (Bengaluru, IN)

    I need dripping dosage

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