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Mustard Cake for Plants 100% Organic - 1KG

Naturally enhances NPK, promoting growth

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Mustard Cake for Plants 100% Organic - 1KG
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Product Description - Mustard Cake for Plants 100% Organic - 1KG

  • Mustard cake fertilizer for plants is made from the residual meal obtained after mustard oil extraction. 
  • The 100% organic moderate-fast release biofertilizer could show positive plant growth results in a month. 
  • The best source of NPK fertilizer, improves soil fertility, root and shoot development, disease control, flowering and fruiting. 
  • The best source of micronutrients like sulphur, zinc, manganese and magnesium
  • Organic farming companion prevents diseases from pests, nematodes and viruses.

Sustainable Organic Farming with Mustard Cake Powder

With the increasing passion for organic farming, home-based small-mid-large scale garden farmers look forward to using biofertilizers to meet plant nutrient needs. Regarding sustainability, improving soil fertility and disease prevention mustard cakes come as a chemical-free alternative feeding the essential soil organic matter and biomass to improve soil nutrient profile. The mustard cake is made from the residual matter obtained after the extraction of mustard oil from mustard seeds. The residual matter is packed with essential macro and micronutrients that release into the soil at moderate-fast speed improving plant yield in a short time. In addition, mustard cakes increase protection against parasitic nematodes that disrupt yield. 

Advantages of Using Mustard Cake

An effective fertilizer: Packed with essential macronutrients (nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus) and micronutrients (sulphur, manganese, zinc and magnesium), the mustard cake is a must-have fertilizer that stimulates faster growth in plants. As a moderate-fast release fertilizer, the results of blooming can be seen as fast as a month. 

A must-have pesticide: Mustard cake in the soil prevents root diseases caused by fungal infections. It also prevents infestations from pests like aphids and nematodes. 

How to Use

  • As a topsoil dresser for vegetable and flowering plants sprinkle 10-20 grams of powdered mustard cake in the pot. Repeat every month as a slow-release organic fertilizer. 
  • As a liquid fertilizer, mix 100 grams of mustard cake in 1liter of water, cover it and let it sit for 2-4 days. Then filter the liquid and dilute it further with 500 ml of water. The liquid can be used for all types of plants every 3-4 weeks.
  • To enhance growth and blooming, mustard cakes can be mixed with the potting soil directly in small amounts (10-20 grams) along with cocopeat, soil and composts. 

Customer Reviews

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Deepa Pai (Mumbai, IN)
Best quality Mustard cake powder

I was very happy with this purchase

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