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Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer

Environmental friendly source of phosphorous

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Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer
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Product Description - Phospho Bacteria Biofertilizer

  • Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) solubilize the phosphorus in the soil converting them into an organic absorbable form for easy plant consumption.  
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic agricultural fertilizer that acts as the best source of macronutrients. Plant nutrient supplementation is essential in a home garden to create an environment analogous to the natural agricultural ambience. 
  • Improve the microbial population in the soil, especially around the rhizosphere. 
  • When used with rock phosphate, PSB can save about 50% of the crop requirement of phosphatic fertilizer.
  • Regulates the production of Phytohormones like gibberellins and indole acetic acid, which is essential for root development, cell elongation, growth and early maturing of flowers and fruits.

What is PSB?

Phosphate solubilizing bacteria (PSB) produce essential organic enzymes that convert the insoluble phosphorus into soluble form for easy absorption by plants. Bacillus megaterium consumes the inorganic phosphorus and excretes the organic substance. It produces organic acids like citric acid, lactic acid and enzymes (such as phytase, nuclease, etc.) that help in the solubilisation of insoluble phosphates. PSB also regulates the production of Phytohormones like gibberellins and indole acetic acid. Gibberellins are responsible for cell elongation triggering growth, development and inducing seed germination. Indole 3 acetic acid is needed to promote uniform fruit and flowering and adventitious root development. 

Importance of PSB

Phosphorus is one of the major nutrients needed for plants in appropriate amounts, in addition to nitrogen and potassium. PSB improves the microbial content and activities in the soil, promoting plant health.The fertilizer regulates microbial activity in the rhizosphere region (The region around the root where nutrition exchange and water absorption takes place). Thus, PSB is an essential component for home gardens to regulate the soil inoculum and minimise the loss of phosphorus from soil. In addition, phosphorus fixes atmospheric nitrogen into the soil. In agricultural lands, the application of PSB facilitates phosphate-induced immobilization of metals to reverse soil contamination.

Benefits of Phospho Bacteria

  1. Add nutrients to the soil by nitrogen-fixing.
  2. Improves the organic content and microbial population of the soil.

How to Use Phospho Bacteria

  • It can be applied directly to the soil by mixing 50 g/litre of water. The fertilizer has to be applied to the wet soil along with organic manure/ compost periodically. The basal dose is 20g/ plant. 
  • Can be incorporated for seed germination. For seed treatment, the seed should be first made wet with starch or jaggery solution. The wet seeds should be gently coated with the fertilizer uniformly. The seeds should be dried in shade for around 30 minutes and should be sown within the same day. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Himanshu Singh (Greater Noida, IN)
    Awesome purchase experience


    Ravishankar Subramanian (Chennai, IN)
    Azospirillum Nitrogen Fixing

    I have used this product for few plants. I am an amateur Gardner and therefore sharing my experience only. Leaves becoming yellow have reduced. Plants which had to be pruned and transplanted, have produced green leaves and flowers. This includes Hibiscus and Petunia! There must be some ingredients that are supporting these improvements. I would generally recommend to encourage buying such products for improvements in soil and plant from seeds2plant. They are doing a good job. Good luck.
    Their supply chain Arrangement with shiprocket and Delhivery is a big cause of concern. The products being natural and delicate, these partner services is likely to damage the efforts seeds2plant is taking otherwise.

    Hi Sir

    Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. We'll discuss with our courier partners to make sure that the parcels reach safely.

    Team Seed2Plant

    Sanjeev Kumar M K (Thrissur, IN)

    Excellent product

    Ravishankar Subramanian (Chennai, IN)
    Trichoderma bio antifungal fertiliser

    I had started using this for a few of my plants including an almost dead Hibiscus. To my surprise, the hibiscus has developed very healthy leaves and there is a bud for flowering. I encourage committed gardeners to use Seed 2 Plant products. This company looks very committed to client satisfaction. Attached photo

    Tehseen Khan (Mumbai, IN)
    "Phospo Bacteria Biofertilizer"

    I would like to thank the seller for sending me such an excellent product. The quality is superb. I used it on my home garden plants and my plants are thriving now. Very effective product.

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