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Pride of Burma (Amherstia Nobilis) Simsapa Layered Live Plant

Pride of Burma (Amherstia Nobilis) Simsapa Layered Live Plant

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Product Description

Plant Type Air-Layered Plant
Plant Size Approximately 2 ft 
Blooming Time 1 Year
Ideal Temperature 15°C to 40°C(warm and humid climate, can withstand mild frost)
  • Historical significance
  • Spiritual significance
  • Ornamental value
Common Name Pride of Burma, Queen of Flowering Trees,  Simsapa
Botanical Name Amherstia Nobilis
Maintenance Required Easy

Introducing the breathtaking Pride of Burma (Amherstia nobilis), also known as Simsapa, a stunning and rare tropical tree that holds a special place in Indian mythology. With a captivating history tied to the epic Ramayana, this majestic tree adds an air of enchantment and charm to any garden or landscape.

The Pride of Burma boasts large, cascading clusters of striking, orchid-like flowers in vivid red hues, which create an awe-inspiring display. The tree's elegant, drooping branches are adorned with lush, pinnate leaves that provide a soothing canopy of shade.

Amherstia nobilis, famously known as the tree under which Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, took shelter while in captivity in Lanka, has an undeniable allure that transcends time. This tree is not only a symbol of love, perseverance, and strength but also a testament to the enduring power of ancient legends.

Bring home a piece of history and add an enchanting touch to your garden with the Pride of Burma. This exotic and hard-to-find tree will undoubtedly be the centerpiece of any outdoor space, serving as a conversation starter and a reminder of the enduring beauty and wisdom found in age-old tales. Embrace the charm of the Pride of Burma and watch your garden come alive with its vibrant, mesmerizing blooms.

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