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Seedling Tray - Indefinitely Reusable - (12 Cavities)

Seedling Tray - Indefinitely Reusable - (12 Cavities)

Extra thick and durable. Lasts for more than 10 years!

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Product Description

  • 12 cavities seedling tray made from high quality material with spacious square shaped cavities and air flow holes.
  • Durable and indefinitely reusable: Made from sturdy material, the tray can be washed and reused many times. The trays can last for 10 years or more depending on the usage frequency.
  • Spacious with better surface area: Large cavities with triangular spacing in between cells (or cavities) increasing the overall surface area of each cavity. 
  • Air flow and pruning holes: Comes with an air flow hole to facilitate air circulation to the roots and a large pruning hole to easily push roots outside when transplanting. 


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What is a Seedling Tray?

Seedling trays are trays with cavities to sow and grow seeds. Made from high quality foldable materials, these trays come with spacious square shaped holes (called cells) that could be filled with a potting medium. It is the easiest way to germinate seeds. It is more effective to germinate the seeds in seedling trays than directly in soil. Depending on the type of the plant, each square cell can hold 1-2 seeds. 

In addition to seed, stem cuttings can also be planted in seedling trays for fresh growths. 

Need for Seedling Tray

Plants are like humans and are susceptible to sudden environmental changes. Though direct sowing can boost root propagation, certain plants cannot survive direct sowing. It is more relevant to use seedling trays for vegetable plants and transfer them to bigger pots once the first true leaves are established. Growing seeds in trays allows gardeners to control the environment and adjust conditions accordingly to facilitate healthy germination. Using a seedling tray protects the seeds from pests, heat and moisture. Depending on the plant type, the seedling trays can be kept under germination (LED) lights to provide the required heat for the plants. It is also easy to gently water directly on the seed using a watering can like the one we have

Here is the list of plants that must be sowed in the seedling trays first (suggestions): Cucumbers, Cauliflower, Brinjal (egg plant), broccoli, lettuce, tomato, pepper, onions, all melons, all gourds, parsley, marigold varieties, and vinca magic carpets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Suraj Rathod (Bengaluru, IN)
Overall good product

The product is overall good and size also good, have to see the quality after long term use

Gurnur Singh (Ludhiana, IN)
Awesome Tray

Thanks for wonderful product

Gurnur Singh


Naveen (Hamirpur, IN)
Great quality

Used for germinating tomato brought from the same website and then transferred to grow bag, good quality seeds and grow bag also.
Best one stop website for all kitchen gardening purposes.

Atul Jujgar

Very good👍

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