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Sweet William Annual Seeds

Annual plant tested to have 85-95% germination

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Number of seeds in a packet: 50+

Latest Germination Test: June, 2024

Germination Percentage: 93%


Sweet William Annual Seeds
Sweet William Annual Seeds
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Product Description - Sweet William Annual Seeds

  • Sweet william is either biennial or perennial.
  • The best time to plant is in February/ early March. The flower blooms well in summer
  • The flowers bloom in variegated colours - crimson, scarlet, pink, red, violet and white
  • Germination occurs in 10-15 days and fresh blooms can be seen by summer. 
  • The flowers are known for their spicy aroma and thus are used to flavour dishes. 

Dianthus sweet william, a colourful scented flower native to southern Europe is revered for centuries, for its beautiful blooms. Dianthus plants have been used for ornamental and culinary purposes since Greek and Roman times. The flowers come as perennials as well as biennials. 

Dianthus Sweet Williams belongs to the family of carnations. Sweet Williams is grown in greenhouses for its spicy aroma. Based on the variety chosen, the plants grow up to 7-18 inches and bloom 2-3 cm in diameter. The plants bloom with 5 petals that present a spicy aroma. The flower blooms in varied hues that come as pink, crimson, red, violet, scarlet and white. In European countries like France and Spain, Dianthus flowers are used in wine flavouring. The variegated flowers with distinct patterns are the specific features of the Dianthus that could beautifully decorate walled or rock gardens. 

The extravagance of Dianthus expands into one's kitchens as it's used to flavour many dishes. As it is easy to grow Dianthus, they are widely used as a garnish for various cakes, desserts, salads, beverages, and signature dishes.


Botanical name

Dianthus Barbatus

Common name

Diantus, Sweet Williams

Type of the plant

Biennials, Perennials

Mature size

7-18 inches tall

Sunlight requirements

Full sun to light shade

Soil Type

Well-drained, requires continuous air circulation around stem

Blooming season


Common flower colors

Violet, red, pink, scarlet, white, crimson

How to Care

  • Dianthus Sweet Williams has the perfect size to be grown in pots and containers. They can be grown from seeds easily and can be positioned at will as they can survive full sun to partial shade.
  • The best time to sow is 2-8 weeks before spring, that is February in India. To directly sow, the seeds should be planted ⅛ inches deep in a rich, fertile, well-drained soil. It will take 10-15 days to germinate. 
  • On germination, the seedling should be transferred into a medium-large pot and should be positioned where they could obtain 4-5 hours of sun daily. 
  • Moisture retention is important for the plant to bloom and thus the soil should be mulched often to improve air circulation. The plants cannot bear overwatering, thus watering should be kept at a check. 
  • Some of the pests and insects that can infect Dianthus Sweet Williams include sowbugs, grasshoppers, nematodes, slugs and Aphids. The pests can be controlled by watering the leaves with a hose and by applying pesticides at regular intervals. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Suman Adhya (Bengaluru, IN)
Nice seeds

Thanks for providing good quality seeds. Flower came after 3 month of plantation.

Dear Suman,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback! We are delighted to hear that you are happy and satisfied with the Vinca Magic Carpet Mix Seeds. It's great to know that the flowers bloomed beautifully after three months. We appreciate you sharing the images of your thriving plants. Happy gardening!

Team Seed2Plant

Hemanshu Dalal (Jath, IN)
Package beautifully, no need for extra care while opening the seeds. same seeds what we ordrered.

Germination of seeds easy and properly guided, attached my seeds photo of sunflower started growing.

Jenny Ferk (Chennai, IN)
It's very good

I thank this website. It's trustworthy and the seed grew well. Unfortunately, only one seed grew and the flower bloomed. I don't know if it's my weather condition or my soil the rest did not germinate. Other than that the sunflower looks great!!

Diksha Singh (Lucknow, IN)

70-80% germination and seeds are more cheaper than on other sites
Thank you for delivering .

Angella Sherlie (Chennai, IN)
Germinated pretty quick

I tried paper towel method to germinate them.And they germinated within 3 days.Now they are growing day by day.Waiting for the flower to bloom.But the germination percentage is quite low.So try to sow the seeds in the entire pack at one go.

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