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Organic Sword Beans Seeds - Open Pollinated

Non-Hybrid, Open Pollinated, and Non-GMO. 80-95% Germination.

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Number of seeds in a packet: 4

Latest Germination Test: June, 2024

Germination Percentage: 92%


Organic Sword Beans Seeds - Open Pollinated
Organic Sword Beans Seeds - Open Pollinated
Organic Sword Beans Seeds - Open Pollinated
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Product Description - Organic Sword Beans Seeds - Open Pollinated

Sword beans are a type of tropical perennial legume that is well-known for its use as a companion plant. Sword beans are a robust, deep-rooted climbing plant that grows from an annual to a perennial level. The vines grow enormous sword-shaped pods over an extended period of time and are extremely pest and disease resistant. Depending on the soil conditions, the pods can reach a length of 7-15 inches and produce large red/pink seeds. The seeds and young pods are edible and nutritious, and can be used in many recipes in place of large beans. Consume nothing raw. Boil the tender green or dried beans in water until tender and then drain before continuing to cook or consume the beans.

Sword Bean is a drought-tolerant, fast-growing, often shrubby twining annual to short-lived perennial plant that grows to a height of about 50–200 cm but can reach a height of up to 10 meters when climbing, its stems self-supporting by twining around other plants. The plant is capable of continuing to grow in the face of adversity, including in nutrient-depleted, heavily leached, acidic soils. Sword bean is drought-tolerant and pest-resistant. It will flourish in poor, arid soils but will not thrive in overly wet soil. It will drop its leaves in extreme heat, but can withstand light frosts.  Its roots contain nitrogen-fixing nodules.

Benefits/Uses of Sword Beans seeds

  • It helps reduce a person's cancer risk. It contains antioxidants that help prevent cells from being mutated.
  • This food is rich in fiber, which assists in the process of removing contaminants and waste in the colon. Swords are effective in treating constipation and abdominal distention.
  • Sword beans are excellent sources of non- protein, which accelerates metabolism.
  • The seed of the sword bean is consumed as a dietary supplement to improve alertness and resilience.
  • Extracts from these seeds have been shown to stimulate the nervous system by assisting in the maintenance of chemical levels in the brain and also provide increased energy.
  • Sword bean root extract protects the liver from significant toxicity caused by D-GalN. It can also be used to manage liver diseases as a possible remediation.
  • Sword beans have been shown to help with the onset of osteoporosis after menopause, too.
  • Sword beans are high in vitamin C, which is the most critical vitamin for strengthening the immune system's ability to protect the body against disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. Adding sword beans to your diet can be extremely beneficial, particularly as flu season approaches.

Specifications of sword beans seeds

Common Name

Sword beans, Jack beans


Full sunlight, 8 to 10 hours of sunlight daily.


Twice or thrice a week 


15 - 30c, but can tolerate 12 - 36c


Low quality, pH 4.3-7.5, tolerates some salinity and waterlogging


organic fertilizers


8-10 days

Harvest Season

3-5 months after sowing; while mature seeds can be harvested 5-10 months after sowing

No. of seeds



Planting and Care for Sword Beans Seeds

Sowing Sword Beans Seeds

  • Ensure that the soil is fertile and well-drained. Sow seeds in a sunny position in late spring/early summer after the last frost.
  • Seeds are sown in grow bags to propagate sword beans.
  • Sword beans should be planted in late spring/early summer in seed beds approximately 1.5–3 ft apart in full sun to light shade.
  • Sword bean planting is best in the months of May, June, September, and November. It does not take a great deal of effort or treatment.
  • Maintain a moist soil. During the season, the plant should be watered twice or thrice a week.
  • To stimulate development, only organic fertilizers are needed.
  • Germination takes 8-10 days.

Growing sword beans 

  • Seeds should be planted 2-3 cm deep, 30-45 cm apart, in rows 60-90 cm apart if grown as a food crop.
  • As the vine grows, it must be protected by a trellis or creeper net. Vines grow to be approximately 6-8 feet in length.
  • Within six weeks, the plant blooms.
  • It produces 1-inch-long pink, purple, or white flowers.
  • Beans are edible; they grow massive pods up to 36cm in diameter with enormous white seeds.

Harvesting sword beans 

  • The plant's signature ivory-colored beans should be harvested before they reach full maturity, between 80 and 120 days of development.
  • 90-120 days after planting, immature pods can be harvested.
  • Harvest mature seeds 180-300 days after planting by cutting the entire plant when the pods have turned brown and dried.

Precautions while growing sword beans

  • The plant should be harvested before complete maturation.
  • Sword beans are deep rooted plants so it requires large sized grow bags.
  • The Ph of the soil in the range 5 – 6 is preferable for better growth.

Common Problems affecting sword beans plants and solutions

  • The sword bean plants are very resistant to pests and disease. They fix nitrogen to the soil so it does not require any fertilizer during their growth. Only organic fertilizers like neem cakes can be added to promote growth.
  • The Seeds will be difficult to come by so choose to buy seeds from a good source like

No. of Sword Beans Seeds - 4

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Sword Beans

Out of 4 seeds 3 germinated nicely.

Arun (Kolkata, IN)
Good germination

Seeds germinated and had beans too coming out

Indira (Bengaluru, IN)
Great quality seeds

I have been trying to grow open pollinated seeds in natural environment but was not successful until I got these seeds. Most of them germinated in normal soil condition without special preperation

Madhavi Madhu

The is available

Radha Varadan

7seeds only germinate .

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