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The Sprout - Basic Flower Terrace Garden Kit

Start your gardening journey with the basic terrace flower garden kit

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The Sprout - Basic Flower Terrace Garden Kit
The Sprout - Basic Flower Terrace Garden Kit
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Product Description - The Sprout - Basic Flower Terrace Garden Kit

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Grow Bags 9x9 Grow Bag 3
Potting Supplies Potting Soil Mix - 25KG 1
Seeds Dhalia Decorative Mix Seeds 1 Pkt
Calendula Pacific Beauty Seeds 1 Pkt
Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds 1 Pkt
Fertlizers Bone Meal - 1KG 1
Accessories Seedling Tray - 12 Cavities 1
Plant Tag 5
  • The Sprout from Seed2Plant is a basic flower garden initiative that includes basic tools and seeds required to establish a flower garden. 
  • The pack includes; 9x9 HDPE grow bags (3 numbers), 25KG potting soil, Dahlia Decorative Mix Seeds (1 packet), Calendula Pacific Beauty Seeds (1 packet), Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds (1 packet), Bone Meal Fertilizer (1 kg), 12 cavities seedling tray (1 number) and 5 plant tags. 

What’s in the Basic Flower Terrace Garden Kit?

9x9 HDPE Green Grow Bags - 3

The pack includes 3 9x9 HDPE grow bags, the most versatile gardening container to grow healthy plants. Due to its size, compactness and ease of handling, the 9x9 grow bags provide essential conditions for flowering plants to flourish all season long. The bags are extra thick, water permeable and UV treated to ensure long lasting function. 

25KG Potting Soil Mix

  • Organically prepared with biodegradable organic wastes and beneficial microbes, the potting soil consists of coco peat mixed with 100% organic ingredients like vermiculite, plant leaves, goat manure, cow dung, wood ash and neem cake
  • The sterile, loose, and well-aerated mix provides a disease free, nutritious environment for the plants to grow. 

Dahlia Decorative Mix Seeds

  • Dahlia decorative mixed seeds is a perennial (sometimes annual) plant with a long blooming season. Dahlia are easy to grow as they could resist full sun and tolerate moderate shade.
  • Summer is the blooming season, when Dahlia blooms in warm, alluring colors like red, yellow, orange, peach, pink, lavender or white. The flowers can also be bi-colored.

Calendula Pacific Beauty Seeds

  • Calendula is an annual flowering plant. The flowering plant blooms within one year after sowing and continuously flowers until there is heavy frost in the air. 
  • The flowers are bi-coloured or tri-coloured - yellow, cream, peach, apricot

Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds

  • Petunia Multiflora mixed seeds is an annual plant with a long blooming season. The flowers are easy to grow and they need full sun and moderate watering.
  • The flowers bloom throughout the year in warm, pastel shades of pink, red, lilac, yellow, raspberry, salmon red, cobalt blue, white and purple. The flowers can also be multi-colored.

Bone Meal fertilizer

  • A bone meal is a finely grounded powder of animal bones.
  • It has nitrogen-phosphorus in the ratio 3:15 along with other micronutrients like zinc, calcium and magnesium, helping the formation of stronger plant cells
  • Encourages early root development, increases stalk and stem strength and boosts flowering in all types of plants.

12 Cavities Seedling Tray

  • Made from high quality foldable materials, Seed2Plant seedling trays come with spacious square shaped holes (called cells) that could be filled with a potting medium. 
  • Using a seedling tray to germinate plants, protects the seeds from pests, heat and moisture. 
  • Provides proper air circulation to the roots. Includes a large air flow, pruning hole to easily push roots outside when transplanting. 

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