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Tithonia Mix Seeds

Mixed tithonia flower seeds tested to have 85-95% germination

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Number of seeds in a packet: 30

Latest Germination Test: April, 2024

Germination Percentage: 92%


Tithonia Mix Seeds
Tithonia Mix Seeds
Tithonia Mix Seeds
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Product Description - Tithonia Mix Seeds

  • Tithonia is an annual shrub native to Mexico. 
  • The flowers are easy to grow as they could resist drought.
  • The best time to plant tithonia is during March (spring), but the flowers adapt well even when sown as late as July. 
  • Adds ornamental beauty to the garden while also rendering a private hedge. 

Tithonia is a perennial, annual, shrub native to Mexico and parts of Central America. The plants belong to the daisy family (Asteraceae). These are large, bright, daisy varieties that could tolerate drought to a certain extent. The flowers are mostly grown for ornamental purposes and to render shade to the garden area. The flowers, generally addressed as Mexican sunflower or red sunflowers, grow over 4-6 feet tall. The dark leaves are coarse and hairy. 


Botanical name

Tithonia rotundifolia (red)

Tithonia diversifolia (yellow)

Common name

Mexican sunflower

Type of the plant


Mature size

4-6 feet or more

Sunlight requirements

Full sun for 6-8 hours

Soil Type

Well-drained, requires continuous air circulation around stem

Blooming season


Common flower colors

Red, yellow

How to Care

  • Tithonia should be spaced 2 feet apart to prevent overcrowding and to prevent disease transmissions. The plant requires proper air circulation. Overcrowding will promote the growth of fungus, bacteria and mold. 
  • The seeds can be grown directly in the soil during march/ April when the soil is adequately warm. Tithonia is from a tropical region and doesn't prefer cold soil. 
  • The soil should be kept evenly moist and the seeds should be lightly covered with soil. Tithonia requires enough sunlight to germinate. Germination occurs between 1-2 weeks.
  • The plants tend to grow long so it is advisable to grow them in a larger pot like the one we have. If you are looking to cover a space in your home or garden or have a private spot in the garden, it is best to plant larger plants like tithonia to render that private cover. 
  • Tithonia is a sun-loving plant and requires full sun for a minimum of 6 to 8 hours per day. 
  • The plant requires loose, aerated, well-drained soil. Tithonia can tolerate mild drought and does not require lots of water. Water up to one inch deep. 
  • Tithonia can adapt to adverse soil conditions and does not require fertilizers to grow. 


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jayaprakash A prakash (Bengaluru, IN)

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Sajid Salman


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Very good

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