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Water Jasmine Double Petal Highly Fragrant Flowering Rare Live Plant - Variegated Leaves

Water Jasmine Double Petal Highly Fragrant Flowering Rare Live Plant - Variegated Leaves

Discover the Exotic Beauty of Water Jasmine in Your Own Backyard

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Product Description

Plant Type Well Rooted Plant
Plant Size  Approximately 2 ft
Botanical Name Wrightia religiosa
Flowering Frequency Throughout The Year
Maintenance Required Easy


Water Jasmine Double Petal (Wrightia religiosa) - Transform Your Garden into a Tropical Oasis

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Water Jasmine Double Petal (Wrightia religiosa), a rare horticultural treasure now available at Native to the lush landscapes of Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, this exquisite plant is a perfect addition to Indian gardens, offering a unique blend of aromatic delight and visual splendor.

Why Choose Water Jasmine Double Petal?

Exotic Allure Year-Round:

 Adorned with variegated leaves and highly fragrant, double-petaled flowers, this plant provides a continual display of beauty, making it a standout in any garden.

Versatility in Cultivation:

While not sold as a bonsai, our Water Jasmine saplings offer the potential for you to craft your own bonsai masterpiece, or to grow it as a striking ornamental piece or a dense, lush hedge.

Aesthetic Appeal:

The intricate patterns on each leaf and the sophisticated blooms create a visual banquet, enhancing the charm of your garden.

 Cultivation and Care:

Light and Temperature Needs:

Thrives in sunlight and temperatures between 15°C to 35°C. Utilise shade nets in hotter climates to protect its delicate beauty.

Soil and Watering:

Prefers well-draining, organically rich soil with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0. Water when the topsoil feels dry, avoiding over-watering to prevent root rot.

Fertilisation for Growth:

Boost its growth with organic fertilisers such as bone meal, seaweed extract, and cow dung manure, ensuring vibrant blooms and rich foliage.

Pruning and Potting:

Regular pruning after flowering encourages new growth and more flowers. Start in a 12x12 inch pot or grow bag, moving to an 18x18 inch as it grows.

Stay Vigilant:

Protect your plant from common pests like aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs.

Natural Defenses:

Use neem oil and Beauveria bassiana as organic solutions to safeguard your Water Jasmine against pests.

In a Nutshell:

  • Ideal for garden enthusiasts looking to add a touch of the tropics to their space.
  • Perfect for growing as a unique bonsai, ornamental plant, or hedge.
  • Requires minimal maintenance for optimal growth and flowering.


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