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Embrace the Tropics with Our Exquisite Heliconia Collection

Welcome to our vibrant selection of Heliconia plants, where the lushness of the tropics meets the comfort of your home garden. Our collection features a variety of Heliconia species, each boasting its unique charm and tropical flair. From the striking Heliconia Rostrata to the alluring Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Pink,' our plants are poised to transform your space into an exotic paradise.

Heliconia Rostrata Flowering Live Plant:

Often referred to as the "lobster claw plant," the Heliconia Rostrata is a favorite for its hanging flower bracts and brilliant red and yellow hues. This plant is not just a visual spectacle but also a haven for hummingbirds, adding a dynamic element to your garden ecosystem.

Heliconia chartacea 'Sexy Pink' Flowering Live Plant:

Stand out with the 'Sexy Pink' Heliconia, a rare gem that flaunts seductive pink bracts. It's a tropical statement that promises to be the centerpiece of any garden or landscape.

Heliconia Variegated Flowering Live Plant:

With leaves as captivating as its flowers, the variegated Heliconia adds a splash of color with its streaked and speckled foliage, complementing the fiery blooms that rise above.

Heliconia Longiflora Flowering Live Plant:

The long, pendulous blooms of the Heliconia Longiflora are a sight to behold. This species is perfect for adding a touch of the exotic to balconies, patios, or indoor settings.

Heliconia Lobster Claw Yellow Flowering Live Plant:

Brighten up your garden with the 'Lobster Claw' yellow Heliconia. Its unique claw-shaped flowers and vibrant yellow color make it a cheerful addition that's hard to miss.

Heliconia Vellerigera Flowering Live Plant:

The Heliconia Vellerigera is renowned for its large, showy bracts that come alive with a mix of colors and textures. It's a tropical spectacle that thrives in the warmth of Indian climates.

Heliconia Fire Flash (Heliconia densiflora) Flowering Live Plant:

Also known as 'Fire Flash,' this Heliconia is a fiery delight with its dense, orange-red inflorescences that resemble a flash of flames.

Our Heliconia plants are suited for a range of Indian climates, thriving best in warm, humid conditions with indirect sunlight. They're perfect for those looking to buy a lobster claw plant for sale and add a touch of the exotic to their living space. Each plant in our collection is a living piece of art, ready to bloom and bring joy to your surroundings.

With our commitment to free shipping, there's never been a better time to transform your home with these exotic plants. Browse our collection today and let the Heliconia plant's vivid colors and unique forms inspire your garden's transformation! 

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7 products