Collection: Rambutan

Introducing our exotic collection of Rambutan plants, featuring the Malwana Rambutan, N18 Rambutan, Rambutan Rongrien, and E35 Rambutan varieties. These tropical treasures will transport you to a world of lush and vibrant flavors with their delicious, juicy fruits and visually striking appearance.

Each variety in our Rambutan collection offers its own unique blend of taste, texture, and color, ensuring a delightful and diverse experience for your taste buds. From the sweet and luscious Malwana Rambutan to the robust and flavorful Rambutan Rongrien, there's a Rambutan plant for every palate.

Aside from their delectable fruits, Rambutan plants are also celebrated for their ornamental value. With their attractive, evergreen foliage and captivating, hair-like fruit coverings, these plants will add an exotic touch to your garden or landscape.

Whether you're a seasoned fruit enthusiast or a curious gardener looking to expand your horizons, our Rambutan live plant collection promises to impress and inspire. Explore our enticing range of Rambutan varieties and embark on a tropical adventure right in your own backyard!

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