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Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber

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Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber
Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber
Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber
Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber
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Product Description - Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber

Bowl lotus tubers are known for their ability to be grown outdoors in a bowl or container. This variety is a popular choice among home gardeners because of its compact size. Pot size also determines the growth of the bowl lotus. Smaller pots cramp up the lotus and restrict the growth of the lotus plant which doesn't allow as many blooms. We also recommend round pots to allow the runners to move around the pot and not get stuck in a corner.

How to Grow

  • Choose a container or bowl of at least 25 inches in diameter and 8 inches in depth, so that the container can accommodate the tuber and allow proper growth.
  • Next, fill the bowl with garden red soil or heavy clay soil or loamy soil, or a mix of clay and loamy soil.
  • Then plant the Bowl Lotus Pink Tuber on top of the soil and make sure that the growing tips are pointing upwards.
  • The bowl lotus pink tuber should be placed at a depth of 2-3 inches from the water level.
  • Fill the bowl with freshwater or rainwater for about 2–3 inches. Make sure that the water doesn’t have chlorine or any other chemicals that can harm the plant.
  • Be patient, as the bowl lotus pink tubers may take a few weeks to sprout.
  • Once the plant starts to grow, add water to the bowl regularly to maintain a water level of about 2-3 inches above the soil.
  • As for the fertilising part, add 100 grams of decomposed cow dung to the soil every 4-6 weeks while it is growing to ensure a sufficient nutrient supply.
  • It’s mandatory to place the bowl lotus plant in a sunny location with at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • Periodically remove any dead or dying leaves to maintain the plant healthy.
Necessary tips:
  • Be careful not to break or damage the growth tips while handling the tuber.
    In the long run, if the water is cloudy or has an oily sheen, gently change the water.
  • Kindly avoid using composted materials as they will produce a foul smell and may rot the plant altogether.
  • Plant the bowl lotus tubers outdoors, as planting the tubers indoors makes them weak and the bowl lotus plants die due to the lack of sunlight.
  • Once planted, do not disturb the bowl lotus plant from its initial location. So avoid replanting or moving the bowl around.
  • Always cut the stems above the water level during maintenance. If you cut the stem beneath the water level, it will drown your plant, as lotus stems are hollow.


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Customer Reviews

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Kagita Umadevi

After flowering I can give you review

Purushottam Ramkishor (Mumbai, IN)
Excellent Fast Express delivery in 03 days

I reived fresh healthy Pink Bowl Lotus Tuber.
Fast delivery. one healthy tuber and one runner recived in only three days as express delivery. After floating in water for 7 days, I had been plant tuber and runner in a big plastic tub. Now eagerly waiting for first Lotus flower.
Thanks. Seed2plant for fast & Express delivery.


The packing was really good and the tuber was looking good with 2 leaves. Its growing well after i planted it. 😊

Atul Mathur

I placed my order on 10th April. Delivery was made on 18th April (not 17th as indicated)

Subir Chatterjee


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