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Daisy Carpet Mixture Seeds

Mixed Daisy Carpet flower seeds tested to have 85-95% germination

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Number of seeds in a packet: 200+

Latest Germination Test: March, 2024

Germination Percentage: 92%


Daisy Carpet Mixture Seeds
Daisy Carpet Mixture Seeds
Daisy Carpet Mixture Seeds
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Product Description - Daisy Carpet Mixture Seeds

  • Daisy Carpet is a perennial plant.
  • The flowers are easy to grow as they could resist full sun to partial shade.
  • The best time to plant is during October-November. The flowers bloom throughout the year, 
  • Adds ornamental beauty to the garden. The flowers bloom in variegated colors like Pink, rose, crimson, apricot and white.

Daisy Carpet is also known as the painted carpet is a unique ornamental flower that resembles daisy and provides aesthetic ground cover for the garden. The annual plant belongs to the Asteraceae family and is the best choice for beginner gardeners. Growing to a maximum of 35 cm, the slender, dwarf foliage produces button-shaped flowers. The blooms come in shades of pink, rose, apricot, crimson and white. The showy and fragrant flowers are excellent garden attractions. Daisy carpets are known to be winter seeds that when planted in early autumn will bloom throughout the year. The plant requires less maintenance and can tolerate sun and shade. 


Botanical name

Bellis Pomponette

Common name

Carpet Daisy/ Painted Daisy

Type of the plant


Mature size

20-35 cm height

Sunlight requirements

Full sun to partial shade

Soil Type

Well-drained, requires continuous air circulation around the stem.

Blooming season

Throughout the year

Common flower colors

Pink, rose, crimson, apricot 

How to Care

  • Daisy carpet should be planted in a manure rich soil like the one we have. The seeds should be spaced 1 foot apart to prevent overcrowding. The plant requires proper air circulation. 
  • The seeds can be grown directly in the soil during October. It is best to germinate the seedling in a seedling tray and transfer it to the soil or suitable grow bags. 
  • The soil should be kept evenly moist. The seeds should be covered with a gentle layer of topsoil to allow sunlight penetration. Germination occurs between 1-2 weeks. The plants will mature in 60-90 days
  • Daisy carpets are known as winter flowers and thus can tolerate full sun to partial shade.
  • The plant requires loose, aerated, well-drained soil. Daisy Carpets can tolerate mild drought and do not require lots of water.
  • Can adapt to adverse soil conditions. However, daisy caperts grow well in manure rich soil. It is advisable to add cow dung manure
  • The flowers are also susceptible to pest attacks. Pests attacks can be prevented with proper ventilation and air circulation between plants and appropriate watering. 


Customer Reviews

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Shruthi Manoj (Bengaluru, IN)

Seeds germinated let's see how it grows

Abhinav Kumar Chaubey

Thank you

Shilpa dhiman (Ashburn, US)
seed shopping

seed shopping

Padamraj Bahal

बीज बोने संबधित उपरोक्त जानकारी और निर्देशों के लिये आभार।

बीज किस पौटिंग मिडिया मे बोने चाहिए, ईसका आपने कोई चर्चा नहीं की। यह एक बहुत जरुरी सलाह है। कृपया बताऐं कि ईस समय किस मिडिया मे बीज बोऊं।

Please use Seed2Plant potting mix -

Rivaan Raaj (Vadodara, IN)
Best Seeds

I recommend to buy seeds from seed to plant.. Seeds germinate quickly.. Best site for buy seeds

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