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Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds

Petunia Multiflora flowering plant tested to have 85-95% germination

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Number of seeds in a packet: 400+

Latest Germination Test: May, 2024

Germination Percentage: 95%


Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds
Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds
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Product Description - Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds

  • Petunia Multiflora mixed seeds is an annual plant with a long blooming season.
  • The flowers are easy to grow and they need full sun and moderate watering.
  • The flowers bloom throughout the year as spring blooms, summer blooms and fall blooms except when there is heavy rainfall. 
  • The flowers bloom in warm, pastel shades of pink, red, lilac, yellow, raspberry, salmon red, cobalt blue, white and purple. The flowers can also be multi-colored

Petunia Multiflora, the attractive annual flowering plant, comes in diverse colors and sizes. The easy to grow flowering plant blooms in pastel shades of pink, red, lilac, yellow, raspberry, salmon red, cobalt blue, white and purple. The delicate veins of the pastel blooms makes petunia an alluring addition to your garden. Best suited as border plants grown in containers or on ground, the plant requires full sun and a well-drained soil to thrive and flourish. The heavy feeders will bloom all through the year, but cannot tolerate heavy rainfall and overwatering. 


Botanical name

Petunia Multiflora

Common name


Type of the plant


Mature size

1-8 feet tall

Sunlight requirements

Full sun

Soil Type

Loamy well-drained

Blooming season

All through the year expect when there is heavy rainfall and frost

Common flower colors

Pastel shades of pink, red, lilac, yellow, raspberry, salmon red, cobalt blue, white and purple.

How to Care

  • Petunia should be planted in a manure rich soil like the one we have. The seeds should be sown 3 inches apart in a well-drained loamy soil. 
  • It is best to germinate the seed in a seedling tray. It is important to place the seedling tray in full sun. When the first greens are noticed, transfer it to the soil or suitable grow bags like the one we have.
  • Keep the soil adequately moist. It is important to plant the seedling in full sun. Petunia requires the soil to be well-drained all the time. So water the plants only when the soil is dry. Water deeply to build stronger roots. 
  • Do not plant petunia behind a taller plant as the shade will block the sunlight. The plant requires at least 4 hours of full sun 
  • Petunia flowers throughout the year. It is important to deadhead Petunia about once per week. Removing older blooms and shearing will support lush growth.
  • Petunia expect lucious soil to grow bigger and bloom better, thus it is important to fertilize every 1-2 weeks. Petunia blooms require balanced Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium fertilizer. Using water soluble fertilizers is suggested.
  • The flowers are also susceptible to pest attacks. The plant is also susceptible to powdery mildew and other fungal attacks as it cannot tolerate overwatering. To avoid fungal attacks, the plants should be adequately spaced in full sun and rightly watered. Using organic solutions like Seed2plant Bio Pest control will prevent pest and fungal attacks. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
G. Ashwathy (Bengaluru, IN)
Good germination

Sowed the seeds and they have germinated. Good quality seeds

Ankur Jain (Jaipur, IN)
Seeds Review

Almost all of the sunflower seeds germinated well. Used CocoPeat, sand, and vermicompost mixture for them.
However, morning glory germination was quite less. Only 3 seeds germinated. Waiting for a week more in the hope to see more of its germination.
Petunia has started germination as well.

Imma Pereira (Thiruvananthapuram, IN)

Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds

Prasanthkumar M (Kochi, IN)

Petunia Multiflora Mix Seeds

Somini Chamyal (Delhi, IN)

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