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Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer

Excellent for suppressing diseases caused by fungal pathogens

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Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer
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Product Description - Trichoderma Viride Anti Fungal Bio Fertilizer

      2 x 10^8 CFU per Gram
  • Trichoderma Viride is a fungus, which is employed as a bio fungicide. 
  • As an active fungal growth preventer and destroyer, the bio fungicide can be used to protect all plant types like ornamental plants, vegetables, fruits, cotton, oilseeds, pulses, turmeric. 
  • It is effective for seed and soil treatment as it suppresses the growth of many disease-causing pathogens
  • An easy to use fungicide for terrace/ home gardens. 100% organic bio fungicide that causes no harm to soil, plants, humans and pets.
  • Trichoderma enhances the soil ecosystem by reclaiming adverse effects of pollution and chemicals on soil. It helps solubilize the inorganic phosphorus in the soil enabling easy absorption by plants. 

Importance of Fungicide

Fungicides are essential to prevent the growth of fungal spores and fungal growth over plant surfaces. Fungal attacks are unavoidable as plant surfaces and garden areas are moist. At many times, overwatering leads to fungal growth. As a form of pesticides, fungicides could prevent fungal damages of all forms like rusts, blights and mildews. It is important to schedule the spraying of fungicide to plants to protect leaves, fruits and vegetables even during storage. They are also essential to save ornamental plants, flowering plants, trees and grasses from fungal attacks.

Why choose Trichoderma Viride?

Trichoderma Viride, when sprayed regularly, will protect against many soil-borne pathogens and diseases. It is widely used in nursery beds for seed and soil treatment. When used infield, the bio fungicide fights diseases by parasitism and antibiosis, causing detrimental effects on the affecting pathogen. In addition, the fungicide also decomposes soil wastes, organic farm wastes. It also solubilizes insoluble phosphorus components in the soil making it easily available for plant absorption. Thus, in addition to being a bio fungicide, Trichoderma enhances the soil ecosystem by reclaiming adverse effects on soil. By enhancing soil structure, Trichoderma Viride helps the plants fight drought thus improving growth and resistance. 

For better results, Trichoderma should be incorporated with composts/ manures/ biofertilizers. 

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Benefits of Trichoderma Viride 

  1. Excellent bio-fungicide.
  2. Superior protection against several soil-borne/seed home pathogens.
  3. Increases the plants' growth and vigour as well as the fungicide built resistance in plants to drought and diseases.

How to Use Trichoderma Viride 

  1. Mix 7-10 g in 1L of water and apply to the soil.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 43 reviews
    Himanshu Singh (Greater Noida, IN)
    Awesome purchase experience


    Ravishankar Subramanian (Chennai, IN)
    Azospirillum Nitrogen Fixing

    I have used this product for few plants. I am an amateur Gardner and therefore sharing my experience only. Leaves becoming yellow have reduced. Plants which had to be pruned and transplanted, have produced green leaves and flowers. This includes Hibiscus and Petunia! There must be some ingredients that are supporting these improvements. I would generally recommend to encourage buying such products for improvements in soil and plant from seeds2plant. They are doing a good job. Good luck.
    Their supply chain Arrangement with shiprocket and Delhivery is a big cause of concern. The products being natural and delicate, these partner services is likely to damage the efforts seeds2plant is taking otherwise.

    Hi Sir

    Thank you very much for the detailed feedback. We'll discuss with our courier partners to make sure that the parcels reach safely.

    Team Seed2Plant

    Sanjeev Kumar M K (Thrissur, IN)

    Excellent product

    Ravishankar Subramanian (Chennai, IN)
    Trichoderma bio antifungal fertiliser

    I had started using this for a few of my plants including an almost dead Hibiscus. To my surprise, the hibiscus has developed very healthy leaves and there is a bud for flowering. I encourage committed gardeners to use Seed 2 Plant products. This company looks very committed to client satisfaction. Attached photo

    Tehseen Khan (Mumbai, IN)
    "Phospo Bacteria Biofertilizer"

    I would like to thank the seller for sending me such an excellent product. The quality is superb. I used it on my home garden plants and my plants are thriving now. Very effective product.

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