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Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant

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Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant
Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant
Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant
Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant
Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant
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Product Description - Aristolochia Ringens Flowering Live Plant

Plant Type Creeper Plant
Plant Size  Matured Plant 
Flowering Frequency Throughout The Year
Maintenance Required Easy


Delve into the world of exotic and extraordinary botanical wonders with the Gaping Dutchman's Pipe, also known as Aristolochia Ringens or Badak Vel. This plant is an unusual yet captivating flowering vine native to Central and South America, now ready to make a statement in Indian gardens.

Unique Flowers

The charm of Aristolochia ringens is undoubtedly its distinct flowers. Bearing a fascinating resemblance to a pelican's beak or a pipe, these flowers are not just visual spectacles, but also function as smart traps for insect pollinators aiding in efficient cross-pollination. These peculiar flowers that bloom from spring to summer, intermingled with drooping leaves, offer a unique spectacle of nature's creativity.

Lush Foliage

Complementing the flowers, the vine features beautiful heart-shaped leaves. These leaves exhibit a rich dark green color on the surface and a slightly lighter shade underneath, offering an invigorating contrast and adding to the overall aesthetics of your space.

Fruit Formation

Following successful pollination, the Gaping Dutchman's Pipe yields green capsule-like fruits. As they mature, these fruits turn brown, opening up to reveal numerous fertile seeds, thus continuing the lifecycle of this intriguing plant.

Growth and Care

The Gaping Dutchman's Pipe is a vigorous grower, potentially reaching a height of two to ten meters. It's perfectly suited for container gardening, provided it receives adequate care.

Light Requirements

This plant enjoys a blend of partial shade and full sunlight. However, given the Indian summers, it would appreciate some shade during the afternoon hours to shield it from the intense heat.


Aristolochia ringens necessitates regular watering to sustain its healthy growth. Although it demonstrates drought tolerance once fully established, it thrives best with consistent soil moisture. Make sure to provide good drainage if planting in a container or select a garden location that doesn't retain excess water.


Support its active growth and lush foliage with a regular feeding routine. We recommend using organic fertilisers like Panchagavya, Fish Amino Acid, or decomposed cow dung to provide necessary nutrients. Regular application every two months during the growing season is advised for best results.

Add a touch of exotic beauty to your garden with the Gaping Dutchman's Pipe. Not just a visually appealing plant, it's sure to ignite intriguing conversations among your visitors!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
PRASENJIT Singh (Lucknow, IN)
Happy with the plant

Plant was nice but it could have been more better if plant would have more grown atleast more than one feet and more healthy. Now plant is doing nice.

Dr Sridevi C

The packing was awesome. Plant healthy without any signs of travel stress whatsoever. Good sized plant for the price.

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