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Thousand Petal - Tower of Day and Night Lotus Tuber

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Thousand Petal - Tower of Day and Night Lotus Tuber
Thousand Petal - Tower of Day and Night Lotus Tuber
Thousand Petal - Tower of Day and Night Lotus Tuber
Thousand Petal - Tower of Day and Night Lotus Tuber
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Product Description - Thousand Petal - Tower of Day and Night Lotus Tuber

Thousand petal lotus which is botanically called Nelumbo nucifera, is a stunning aquatic plant with beautiful flowers that can have up to 1000 petals. The Tower of Day and Night Lotus has a strong fragrance and is good to have at your home or office or farm. These multi-petaled blooms reach up to 12 inches in diameter and are vibrant in colour. The thousand petal lotus plant can grow up to 6 feet high. The stems are tall and emerge above water and they are strong enough to support the flowers. Bring a touch of natural elegance to your home or garden and add the Thousand Petal Lotus to your collection today!

How to Grow?

  • Initially, put the tuber in a fungicide soluton for 2 -3 minutes. To prepare fungicide solution, mix 2 ml of water soluable neem oil with 500 ml of water or mix 5 grams of Trichoderma Viride in 500 ml of water.
  • Thousand petal lotus is only grown in large containers, half barrels or garden ponds with at least 18 inches(1.5 ft) depth and 25 inches(2 ft) width. This variety of plants require more space for growing so that they have more blooms.
  • Next when it comes to potting the tuber, use heavy soil which is a mix of loam, clay and sand.
  • Pack the soil tightly into the pot and plant the tuber at a depth of 1-2 inches below the surface of soil.
  • Fill the top layer of heavy soil with gravel to avoid the soil washing out, the water becoming muddy and the tuber uprooting.
  • It's mandatory to keep the container in direct sunlight.
  • Finally, the fertilising is done with a spoonful of organic bone meal fertiliser and decomposed cow dung fertiliser. Note that you start fertilising only after the aerial leaves are fully grown.
  • If you want to plant the tuber in a big tank, initially, put the tuber in a pot with freshwater under full sunlight and after the growth of sprouts, plant the lotus plant in the large tank. In the growing phase, make sure to fill the tank periodically so that the leaves are floating on the surface of water. Note that you have not overfilled the tank.

Necessary Maintenance Tips

  • To keep the blooms healthy, it's necessary to maintain good water quantity.
  • Avoid exposing the roots and refill with water whenever necessary.
  • Prune the plants to remove yellowing leaves and dried ones.
  • Heated greenhouse is needed for colder climates, to avoid frost damage.


Shipping: This water plant ships for FREE. Please note that we might need up to 2-3 business days to properly dry and pack the plant and ship them.

Customer Reviews

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Sunitha Sunitha

Will design same thing like this with popup washbasin

Abinav Reddy

Tuber came intact and is growing

Prasanna S

Plants are of good quality and grows very well


Done mam.

Purushottam Ramkishor (Mumbai, IN)
💯% Super Excellent Pink Bowl Lotus Tuber.

I reived fresh healthy Pink Bowl Lotus Tuber.
Fast delivery. one healthy tuber and one runner recived in only three days as express delivery. After floating in water for 7 days, I had been plant tuber and runner in a big plastic tub. Now eagerly waiting for first Lotus flower.
Thanks. Seed2plant for fast & Express delivery.

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